5 beard grooming tips for a great looking beard

You might think that maintaining a beard requires little more than err growing it, well its not quite as simple as that! I thought I’d share some tips to keeping you’re facial fuzz on point.

Patience is key

Growing a beard takes time, patience and perseverance from the inevitable itch you’ll get during the early stages! Try to avoid trimming it during the first few of weeks as the hair follicles grow at different rates.

Keep it trimmed

Use beard trimmer to get the desired length, start off with a longer comb and reduce down until you get your desired length. Choose a cordless trimmer with lithium battery and it will last for at least 3 hours! For a classic look trim shorter around the cheek area and leave longer under your chin.

Shape that neckline

Leaving a hairy neck makes you’re beard look untidy and will make your neck really itchy! Maintain a neat neck line a finger widths above your adams apple which follows your neck up to the sides of your cheeks using clippers or beard trimmer.

Wash it regularly

Like your normal hair, beards also need regular washing. Use a good quality beard wash or shampoo to remove any daily build up of dirt and grime that might have found its way into your beard. And don’t forget the conditioner, this will help to soften and nourish your beard hair.

Don’t forget the beard oil

Washing your beard regularly can strip away the natural oils within your beard. This is where beard oil comes in, its essentially a leave in conditioner to help balance the natural oils. Choose a good quality beard oil and one that has an amazing fragrance as smelling nice is just as good as important!

Have you got any beard grooming tips or hacks?


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