The Personal Barber

To some, shaving is a lot more than a daily chore to keep the facial fuzz at bay, its a tradition steeped in history! If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m not one to go for the clean shaven look, but I do like to keep a well groomed cheek and neck line! Are you a big fan of traditional shaving tools? The Personal Barber offer the ultimate traditional shaving subscription.

The Personal Barber

How does it work?

Once signed up, new members will receive their first box that includes a safety razor and shaving brush. You’ll then receive a new box every 6 weeks with completely new soap, blades and pre and post shave products to test out each time. A one off box costs just £24.95, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions are available. If you don’t want everything that’s in the box, they do sell a variety of shaving tools including razors, brushes, bowls and blades in their shop

What’s in the box?

I received the July box,, along with the safety razor and shaving brush, it included 3 full size products; ReHab London scrub up daily detox, Twa burds bay rum and tequila shaving soap and Scottish fine soaps thistle & black pepper moisturiser and a 10 pack of personna platinum double sided razor blades. There’s also step by step guide and information about the products.

The Personal Barber

Why choose the Personal Barber?

Shaving with these traditional ways and quality products, you’re bound to enjoy shaving once more! By using a single razor blade, you get a closer cut and less irritation than your standard high street store razors. The quality and feel of the safety razor is nothing close to the expensive plastic cartridge razors. Each month you get a brand new selection of shaving soap, blades and post shave products to try. What’s more there’s no contract with the Personal Barber, so you can cancel your subscription at any time!

ReHab London scrub up daily detox

Pre shave ritual

Have a warm shower or wash your face with warm to open the pores of your skin and soften hair follicles. Cleanse with the Rehab scrub up daily detox face scrub to remove any dirt and grease. Next load up some shave cream on to your shaving brush and apply to your face. When I opened it for the first time, I literally could not stop smelling it… seriously this is the best smelling shaving soap ever! To mix a lather from the shaving cream, a small shaving bowl will help greatly, but it can be done without.

The Personal Barber

How do you use the safety razor?

First of all you’ll need to load a blade, unscrew the handle, place the blade between both head pieces and then reassemble… it’s really that easy! The weight of the razor is well balanced and it sits really well in your hand. For the optimum shave, you need to hold the razor at an angle of 30-40 degrees… that’ll give the cleanest cut and least amount of irritation. You should only need to make one pass with the razor! As you’d expect, the razor does take a bit of getting used to. But with a bit of practice, you’ll have mastered the optimum angle for that perfect shave!

The Personal Barber

Post shave 

The post shave treatments are hugely important to help calm, soothe and hydrate skin. Apply an aftershave balm to soothe, once dry and fully absorbed, apply the Scottish soaps thistle & black pepper moisturiser to help hydrate your skin. The thing you need most after a shave is a product that rehydrates your skin, the thistle & black pepper moisturiser does that well, even if it’s not the best scented product I’ve come across.

Scottish fine soaps thistle & black pepper moisturiser

If shaving has been a bit of a chore for you in the past, then you need to try out The Personal Barber!  Sign up today and get a Free Safety Razor and Brush in your first box your first box costs just £24.95 (worth over £50)!

I’m sure it will reignite a new love for shaving and be something that you’ll want to take time over!


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