Carolina Herrera 212 Men VIP Wild Party

Who doesn’t love a bargain buy… especially when it comes to fragrance? A few months ago I was browsing in Boots and came across 212 VIP Wild Party for Men. After a quick smell of it and finding it was only a mere £20 I just had to buy it! I mean a guy can never have enough fragrance right?

Carolina Herrera 212 Men VIP Wild Party

If you’re not familiar with the 212 range, it’s the fragrance collection by the fashion designer Carolina Herrera. 212 VIP Wild Party fragrance is a limited edition men’s scent and was launched as hommage to the wild party nightlife of New York.

Carolina Herrera 212 Men VIP Wild Party

This is the second fragrance I’ve had in the 212 range, after having the original scent a few years ago. I like the design of the bottle, it has a luxurious feel with the embossed pattern. The magnetic top means you’ll never lose it.

The scent opens with top notes of caviar lime and iced apple

Heart notes of violet leaf and black pepper and violet leaf give an interesting spicy fragrance

It drys down to leave kingwood woody base notes

Carolina Herrera 212 Men VIP Wild Party

If you like a woody and spicy scent you should definitely give this a try. For me personally, this is ideal as an evening time fragrance. You’ll only need a couple of sprays at the most as it has good sillage and the longevity is quite modest too.

Have you tried any of the Carolina Herrera 212 range?


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