Peaceful Bedroom Tips with  bedding & more

All we need right now is a peaceful and soothing surrounding around us so that the pandemic stress and chaos is reduced to a minimum in our minds. The easiest way to achieve it right now is by giving our rooms a relaxing mood as soon as possible.

Room is one of the major sources that directly affects our moods and the activities we do around the house. You all know it is not possible to go outside and hang around with friends to relax your mood. The streets of Yorkshire are already empty with fear and panic. All we have is right now is our home and the space we mostly live in right now , that is our rooms.

Following are some notes you can keep in mind that will help you achieve a calmer room environment.

Focus on the bed

You know that the most important component present in your room that changes the entire look of it is , your bed. So you need to be picky while rearranging it. First of all look if it is placed where it needs to be. If you get easily motivated with natural light coming into your room, you can position your bed towards the window. This will help you get a good amount of sunlight and fresh air whenever you start feeling anxious.Furthermore , you can change the bedsheets with more calming bed sheets having soothing colours and relaxing patterns on it. The bedsheet you pick will have a direct impact on your room’s look and your mood.

In my case I would go for light pastel colors to help me achieve a soothing mind. Luckily there are many versatile ranges on the market, to help you create that relaxation element. Pieces from Catherine Lansfield range never get old, as the prices and quality are both great! If you’re unsure where to get it from look no further than  Yorkshire Linen.

Place some scented candles

If I talk about myself, then I would say a good aroma around me is an instant mood booster for me. You can easily make your room scented according to your choice of flavour by adding few scented candles in it. Not only will it make the surrounding smell pleasant but also will act as a natural humidifier , which we all need right now to kill viruses around us. Flavours like Vanilla, cherry blossom and strawberry help give the environment a peaceful and pleasant aroma.

Minimise unnecessary stuff laying around

One thing that makes our mind unconsciously restless is the space occupied in our rooms by needless things. A neat freak like me would definitely get stressed if things are not placed in proper order. Take a look around your room, if you find extra pieces of unused furniture like unused chairs or lamps get them removed as they might be occupying extra space you need to breathe in the room. Further you need to remove unwanted clothes or chargers lying around your bed or sofa. This will definitely help you achieve an ample space you need and will directly help you in getting a soothing mind.

If looked upon the above mentioned points and implemented accordingly there will be no one to stop you in getting a calmer and peaceful environment around you.


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