4 simple steps to better car health

Choosing the right MOT centre can be a bit over-whelming. MOT testers run a checklist of steps and then determine if your vehicle is fit to drive on the road. Yorkshire has many MOT garages and next time your MOT deadline is approaching, you can run a pre-checklist just to increase the chances of getting through your MOT inspection. Let’s take the example of Wakefield, if you live in this area and are on the look out for an authentic centre, you can perform some simple checks on your own and be proactive. Let’s take a look at what are the things you can do?

  • Notice the health of your tyres

Tyres alone can be checked for quality by frequent inspections at home. Look for any disturbing signs like damages or wear and tear. These can include unnecessary budlging, improper wheel alignments or cuts on the surface. If you feel tyres are not up to the mark, you can always get them replaced with shiny new alternatives which are perfect for you vehicle’s needs.

  • Check the windscreen

Your windscreen should be clean and there should be no scratches on the surface. You can use a windscreen wash to make sure you can see through the screen properly when you are driving at night.

  • Go to a good MOT provider in your area

The term “good” can be relative but you can prepare your mind for choosing someone who has a skillful team and also has done testing for numerous other vehicles in the past. One quick recommendation is to book MOT in Wakefield from Ossett Tyre House – appointment can be booked on the website so no waiting time is involved.

  • Check your brakes

When applying car brakes, do you experience a rattling sound? If that is the case, your braking system is not capable to give you enough friction and this problem can be spotted by the testers.


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