6 Perfect Stag do ideas that every groom will love

If you’ve been given the role of best man at your pal’s wedding, it’s
a huge honour. But there’s also a fair bit of pressure involved; you’ve got to come up with a side-splitting speech (teetering just on the right side of appropriate for the elderly rellies), support your best mate on one of the most important days of his life, and of course, organise a stag do that
people will be talked about for years.

We can’t help with everything, but we can give you a hand coming up with perfect stag do ideas that the groom will love. (Of course, everyone is different so tailor your ‘do’ to the stag’s personality.) If you’re struggling with stag do ideas, read the post below for inspiration:

1. Classic lads night out

It’s a tried and tested stag do option, but it’s a firm favourite for a reason.
A classic lads night out is a great stag do for many grooms. It’s fun and rowdy, but still relatively low key compared to other options — and inexpensive, which will suit big parties down to the ground (especially if you have an inclusive budget to stick to).

If you don’t want to stick to the classic formula of a meal (think curry or chinese) followed by a pub crawl and ending in a night club, then why not shake it up?

Venturing out to a different city for your stag do will add some more excitement to your weekend. Whether you pick London, Newcastle or Manchester, you’ll find plenty to do. Head to a bustling casino in the capital for a night of gambling and fun (read this London Casino Guide for the best casinos.) Or you could go up to Glasgow for a whisky tasting tour, before heading out for a night on the town. The possibilities are endless.

2. Adventure weekend

One for the boisterous boys out there. If your groom fancies himself as an adrenaline junkie, then what better way to get his heart pumping than an adventure weekend?

There are all sorts of extreme sports and activities you could sign up for across the country, whether it’s white-water rafting, obstacle courses, an off-road biking adventure, rock-climbing or paragliding.

Adventure weekends are a great way to get everyone bonding before the big day, especially if you’re taking part in team-based activities. Plus, you can all have a laugh over a beer or five in the evenings when you’re all knackered from your extreme activities.


3. Booze cruise

Who doesn’t love a good booze cruise? There’s nothing like the open water, a party boat and a shedload of alcohol to make for a great bonding session.
If you live in a city that has rivers or floating harbours like Bristol, it’s easy enough to hire your own boat (with driver, so you can all relax and not worry about steering your boat into someone else’s).

Just make a banging stag-do playlist, keep the bar stocked up with your bevvies of choice, and be sure to stop off at some great pubs along the way. Once you’re off the boat, you can carry on the night at your chosen bar or club, making sure you keep the groom-to-be topped up with plenty of shots.


4. Camping trip

Every groom is different; what one man will love, another will hate. Not everyone is going to love an outrageous night of gambling and drinking with 20 friends around him. If your groom bestie is more of a laid-back kinda guy, then a chilled camping trip could be right up his street.

Grab a group of guys, pack some camping gear and head off on a road trip to an awesome camping location. There are some great camping spots all over the UK depending on what you’re after, from the beautiful mountains in the Lake District to the luscious Forest of Dean, to the sandy shores of Cornwall.

Once you’ve pitched your tents (you can always glamp and hire a yurt or tipi instead if you’re not prepared to go full Bear Grylls), you can spend your weekend doing fun local activities. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain or grabbing your fishing rod, if your groom is an outdoorsy type, this will be the perfect stag do for him.

5. A day at the races

A day at the races is a very fun stag do option; you’ve got a buzzing atmosphere, a classy day out (make sure you suit up), and the chance to win some money. If you or others in your party don’t fancy a flutter on the races, it still makes for a great day out full of fun, entertainment, and sporting excellence.

A horse racing stag do can also be easily turned into a full weekend away with the boys at your chosen destination. Whether it’s Ascot or Cheltenham — or one of the many other racing events happening across the country throughout the year — you’re bound to have a great time.

6. Paintballing

Paintballing is a firm favourite for stag dos everywhere, and it’s easy to fit in among other activities too if you want to make a weekend full of fun.
There’s something incredibly satisfying about running through the woods, ducking behind trees and sliding through the mud shooting your mates.

This is definitely one for competitive parties, and it’s a great chance to bond with the boys in your team (as well as wince over how much those paintballs hurt when you’re shot at close range!).


Remember — with great power comes great responsibility. Pick one of these perfect stag do ideas, and your groom will have a stag do he’ll love and enjoy.


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