6 things to consider when choosing a Broadband deal

Are you one of those people who stick with their current Broadband provider and don’t shop around? Broadband is one of those essential things we cannot live without, its therefore important to get the best deal possible

When it comes to Broadband providers they are so many out there! Its important to put a bit of research in as most Broadband providers will tie you into at least a 12 month deal. 

Broadband speed

Probably the best place to start when considering broadband. To make sure you get the right speed, you need to establish when kind of user you are. Infrequent users for basic browsing and video watching would be ok with an entry level package. If you’re into gaming, streaming or have a big household that could slow speeds down then you might need to look at fibre.

Service in your area

There’s little point in saying you need ultra fast fibre broadband if its not even available in you’re area! Broadband speed is dependent upon nearby exchanges and what they’re capable of delivering. So make sure you check out what’s available in you’re area before you think about making any decision

Consider a package deal

It could be worth considering a package deal such as Broadband and TV as this might give offer some of the best deals available. Check out the best TV & broadband deals available

Download limit

Not all companies offer unlimited broadband packages, some impose a cap on monthly download limit then charge a premium for usage thereafter. So this is definitely worth checking!

Customer service

A not so obvious consideration, but there’s no doubt good and reputable customer service is worth its weight in gold if you have any issues such as connection problems, line faults etc.

Contract length

What could be worse than being tied into a 24 month contract and then realising you’ve made the wrong choice? Consider what would be the maximum contract length you’d accept.

Do you have any considerations when thinking  about taking out a broadband contract?


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