Quick & tasty BBQ recipe ideas

Where has that thing called Summer gone? With all the recent cold and unsettled weather you’d be fooled into thinking it was still Spring or even winter! Fear not as there is a heat wave on the way! We all know what that means… BBQ’s at the ready! So I thought I’d share a few quick and easy BBQ recipes

Smokey sweet bacon burger


500g minced beef

8 slices streaky bacon

4 slices burger cheese


Vine Tomatoes

Sliced red onions 

Salt and pepper

1 bottle Jack Daniel’s® Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze

4 brioche buns

Place the minced beef, salt, pepper and Jack Daniels® Smokey Sweet sauce in a bowl. Mix well and shape into four even sized patties.

Place the burgers and bacon on to your BBQ and cook until crispy.

When the meat has cooked, brush the burgers with the remaining sauce and add cheese and back to the BBQ until the cheese has melted.

Slice the brioche buns half and place on the BBQ until golden brown.

Assemble the burger by topping one half of the with lettuce, followed by sliced red onions, one burger, two slices of bacon, and the remaining brioche bun. Serve & enjoy

Loaded Portobello mushrooms with Goats cheese & Jack Daniels original barbecue  sauce


100g Butter
2 fresh garlic cloves
4 tablespoons Jack Daniel’s® Smooth Original Barbecue sauce
Freshly ground black pepper
4 portobello mushrooms
4 Dry Cure Back Bacon rashers
100g Goats Cheese soft
4 tablespoons Jack Daniel’s® Smooth Original Barbecue sauce

Peel and puree the garlic and mix with softened butter and then stir in the Jack Daniel’s® Smooth Original Barbecue Sauce to form a spreadable paste.

Place the Mushrooms stalk side up. Divide the barbecue & garlic butter mix between the mushrooms and spread evenly over them. Wrap in in foil & place on the barbecue and cook through.

Cook the bacon under until crispy. Cut each cooked rash into pieces and  mix with the goats’ cheese. Divide into the four baked mushrooms (stalk side up) and drizzle over with a tablespoon of Jack Daniel’s®Smooth Original Barbecue Sauce to serve.

These mushrooms make a really tasty starter, sure to go down well at any barbecue!

Check out Jack Daniels sauces for more information about their range of sauces and lots of other great recipes!


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