7 simple ways to secure your home

With summer on the horizon there’s plenty of excitement to look forward to over the coming months so prioritising things like home security may not be at the top of your list. However burglars can strike at any time and during summer months especially homeowners can sometimes leave themselves vulnerable to burglaries.

To prevent break-ins, I’ve been working with Doncaster locksmith SF Locksmiths to discuss ways in which to improve home security. Stephen operates throughout the local area and has built a reputation as being a trustworthy, reliable locksmith that can help with lock repairs, lock fittings and much more. See below for our 7 tips to keeping your home secure.

  1. Install an alarm

An obvious one but quite possibly one of the best deterrents to warn off potential burglars. These can be activated in parts of your home that you don’t sleep in i.e the ground floor and can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing your home is fully protected.

  1. Keep doors and windows secure

Especially during summer months we tend to open our windows and perhaps leave our doors unlocked as we enjoy the outdoor space. SF Locksmith recommends all windows should be fitted with at least 1 lock. When leaving the house all windows should be physically shut; the lock alone may not be enough to deter burglars.

  1. Think twice before posting on social media

We’re all guilty of posting holiday shots on Facebook or Instagram when we’re living it up on our summer break. However care should be taken to make sure we’re not advertising the fact our houses are unoccupied. A quick review of your privacy settings to ensure posts are being seen by the right people could help make sure personal information isn’t getting in to the wrong hands.

  1. Remove temptation

Many thieves will strike even if they spot the smallest of opportunities. Don’t leave car or house keys on view, burglars have been known to break in to steal keys in order to access the house to take larger items. Make it difficult for burglars to see in to your house with things like privacy blinds and curtains and of course don’t forget to always lock doors and windows when you’re outside the house or not at home.

  1. Invest in quality locks

There are plenty of locks available on the market and some more trusted than others. Don’t choose to skimp on quality when it comes to investing in such important home security. SF Locksmith advises to search for a lock that meets British Standards ensuring it has been tested to the highest possible degree.

  1. Install CCTV cameras

With prices now falling for home security systems making them more accessible these are one of the more sophisticated ways to secure your home. A CCTV system can not only work as a deterrent but can also be used as a means of justice. It can help you keep an eye on unwanted visitors and suspicious behaviour; most systems now come with an app allowing you to monitor your home wherever you are.

  1. Don’t forget your garden shed

The humble garden shed often gets forgotten when it comes to securing your home. The best way to secure your shed is to make sure you’ve got a sophisticated lock system. For larger sheds a mortice lock can provide excellent security for smaller sheds a hasp, staple and padlock will suffice. Ensuring your door hinges are secured with coach bolts can also add an extra line of defence.

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable locksmith or perhaps just want a chat about home security SF Locksmiths cover the entire South Yorkshire region. Call them today on 01302 378 067 or visit them at www.sf-locksmiths.com


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