January Detoxing

So we’re nearly through what is probably the hardest and longest month of the year… Even harder if you’ve been doing dry January! Wonder how many of you made new years resolutions based around healthy eating, exercise or weight loss? I was definitely guilty of at least one!

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out a few detoxing recipes incorporating Herbalife Formula 1. If you’re not familiar with Formula 1, its a healthy meal replacement formula. Which, when used as part of a calorie restricted diet can really help with weight loss. Obviously, not forgetting the other important part… exercise!

For these recipes you’ll need a relatively powerful blender such as a nutri bullet. I have a nutri ninja, maybe not quite as powerful as a nutri bullet but seems to blend most ingredients well enough! The recipes are really easy to follow and great if you’re in a rush but want a healthy and balanced meal.

Fruit burst

2 scoops of Herbalife raspberry & blueberry Formula 1

150g natural yoghurt

100g mango

75g berries

15g porridge oats

1 tbsp lemon or lime juice

150g ice

Peel and slice up the fresh mango. Add to the blender along with seasonal berries. (I like to use frozen berries as it makes more of a smoothie consistency! ) Add 150g natural yoghurt or 250ml of skimmed milk along with the porridge oats. Add some lemon or lime juice for a zesty kick. Wizz up in the blender until smooth consistency.

This is the perfect breakfast time shake! Its refreshing and invigorating and full of nutrients and goodness. You don’t need to worry about it filling you up, the Formula 1 along with the oats and other ingredients will give you slow release energy, to last all morning.

Green Goddess

2 scoops of Herbalife vanilla Formula 1

100g of celery

100g spinach

100g cucumber

4 tbps lemon or lime juice

250ml milk

250g ice

Roughly chop up the raw vegetables and place in the blender. Add the milk and ice. For a burst of citrusy freshness, add lemon or lime juice. I found it also helps to cut through the rawness of the vegetables! Don’t forget to add the Formula 1! Blend until you have a smooth consistency and serve.

For me, the green goddess isn’t going to win any taste awards, probably because I dislike celery! But there’s no denying about the health benefits! This is a great way of getting your ‘5 a day’, if you don’t always get your daily amount like me! Of course you can’t just drink these shakes all day. But having 1 a day for breakfast (or lunch) then a healthy and balanced evening meal, Herbalife Formula 1 can really help with weight management! So go check their site to find out more about their wide range of products!


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