3 steps to a clean bike with Muc-Off

I probably don’t need to tell you how passionate I about bikes! To me, bikes are my pride and joy and I like them to always look their best! That’s where Muc-Off Motorcycle products come in very handy.

Now its turned a bit colder and darker, a lot of bikers will be thinking about putting their bikes away for winter. There’s no better time to give your bike a proper once over. If like me you, and ride all year round, you’ll know bad the autumn/winter months can be on your bike. Luckily Muc-Off have some fantastic products to help look after and protect your bike!

Their Ultimate Motorcycle valet kit has pretty much everything you need to properly look after your bike (note: not all of the products in the photos are included in the kit). Each product has its own unique colour for easy identification and they all smell amazing! Each having a different fruity/sweet fragrance.

Step 1 – Clean

Allow your bike to cool before getting started if you’ve been out for a ride! Put the bike on a paddock stand and spray chain cleaner on to the chain and sprocket and allow to soak in. Agitate with the chain cleaning brush. This clever designed brush has stiff bristles on 3 sides, so no part of your chain will go untouched. It gets rid of all the build up of grime between links and rollers, which will make your chain last longer!

Spray on Motorcycle degreaser to your engine and metal parts to deep clean. Allow to soak in then agitate with brushes. This product is so effective at cutting right through the toughest of dirt and grime buildups. Rinse off with clean clean water.

Coat your bike with nano tech motorcycle cleaner. Its safe to use on all parts and surfaces and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, acids or solvents that could damage your bike! The nano tech cleaner is even safe to use on brake pads It’s impressive how well the nano-tech cleaner cuts through the most caked on dirt, oil and grime. Think less is more as its easy to use quite a lot, its quite a concentrated cleaner with impressive cleaning power!

Agitate the dirt build up with brushes, the wheel & component brush is perfectly shaped for removing dirt build up on wheels. For metal and plastics, the microcell sponge is ideal and wont cause any scratches. Its ergonomically shaped for easier handling too! Allow 3-5 minutes for the product to do its stuff then fully rinse with clean water.

Don’t forget the all important brakes! Spray on Disc brake cleaner to discs and calipers, leave a few minutes to do its thing then wipe off any excess.

The Gixxer after being rinsed down…. looking clean!

Step 2 – Protect

Its just as important to protect your bike as it is to clean it! Apply Motorcycle protectant to engine and metal parts to drive out excess moisture. It can even be applied to your chain to get rid of any remaining moisture. Its safe to use all over your bike and has a corrosion inhibitor.

To finish off the fairings and plastics you can either use speed polish or miracle shine. Both are very excellent finishing products. The speed polish being brilliant for when you have less time on your hands, but still gives your paintwork and fairings that show room finish!

Miracle shine gives a high gloss ‘showroom’ finish, whilst applying a microscopic protective layer. Its formulated with Carnauba wax which helps to disperse water from paintwork.  Apply with a micro fibre cloth, allow to haze and then buff up to achieve a high gloss shine!

Step 3 – Lubricate

Chains need lubrication in order to maxmise longevity. Muc-Off have 3 different chain lubes in their range, the one included in the valet kit is endurance chain lube. This is a good all rounder, performing in all weather conditions. It has a water repelling formula so you can go longer between re-applications. It’s the perfect chain lube for commuters and tourers. Also available is dry chain lube & extreme lube for wet and harsh conditions.

The lube penetrates deep into the chain links, it creates a durable protective coating that guards against corrosion and metal to metal wear. The lube includes a clever UV dye, which shows up where you’ve sprayed it under a UV torch. This is probably the best smelling Muc-Off product too!

My Suzuki GSXR looking gleaming

Muc-Off are not the cheapest products on the market, but I do believe they are worth paying for!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed how they perform. Make sure you check out the Muc-off site to find out more about their amazing range of products.


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