Browns Brasserie & Bar Leeds Review

Browns Brasserie & Bar has been on the Leeds restaurant scene for as long as I can remember! So surely they must be doing something right? A few weeks ago I got an invite to go and check out their latest menu offerings.

As far as restaurant settings go, Browns Leeds is definitely up there with the best!  We arrived just as the evening sun was setting, cascading through the huge windows which really lit up the venue.

We started with some cocktails Strawberry spritz Tanqueray gin, Campari, Lillet rouge, rose & strawberry topped with soda & Headgrow G&T Tanqueray 10 gin, blackberries, lemon, fevertree tonic. 

Out of the 2 cocktails, the Strawberry spritz was easily the best! The hedgrow G&T was a bit disappointing as it was just like a normal G&T with some berries!


Upon first glance of the menu, there appeared to be a good variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes! For starters we chose some lightish seafood dishes; North Atlantic Prawn cocktail with classic cocktail sauce, gem lettuce, bread & butter & Pan seared Scallops & Raspberries with black pudding, raspberry vinaigrette

Presentation wise I thought neither really had the wow factor. But how many Prawn cocktails have you seen that would win a presentation award? The prawn cocktail was a bit basic, I’m not sure how home made the marie rose sauce was!

The scallops were really well cooked and had that melt in the mouth effect. For me, you can’t get a better pairing for scallops than black pudding, they just pair so well together! I really wasn’t sure about the raspberries though, the sweet flavour didn’t work for me with the lightness of the scallops.

Main course

Main courses up next, we went with Roast loin of lamb Artichoke & wild garlic hummous, peas, beans, baby fennel & 9oz rib-eye steak served with fries and lightly dressed watercress

Just looking at the steak made my mouth water, obviously I couldn’t wait to tuck in! The lamb dish looked quite tasty as well!

They were really generous with the portion size of the lamb! Cooked pink and tender just how lamb should be!

The steak came served medium rare as requested. It’s not the most amazing tasting steak I’ve ever eaten, but it was really nice and tender and definitely did not leave me feeling hungry!

I’d normally go with my favourite Bearnaise sauce, but thought I’d give something else a try. So I chose Bodelaise sauce, which looked a lot like the sauce that was served with the lamb… and tasted a lot like home made gravy!


Did we save enough room for dessert? Being my favourite course, I’m never one to turn down looking at a dessert menu! We chose Bramley apple pie with vanilla ice cream, rosehip & Sticky toffee pudding with ginger ice cream & granola

This was one nice sticky toffee pudding! Although I can’t say I’ve ever seen one served with granola before. This wasn’t a winning combination for me but the pudding itself was very tasty!

No matter what you’re tastes or time of day of day, Browns Brasserie & Bar will have you covered with an impressive choice on their menu. If you’ve not already visited why not? Do go and check them out!


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