Murdock London: Traditional barbershop products

I know what you might be thinking… not another post about hair products! But trust me, this one is definitely worth a read. You might be familiar with the brand Murdock London especially if you’re from the London area. Not only do they have 8 different barbers spread out accross London, but they also have their own range of products created by barbers and designed specially for men!

Murdock London hair products

As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed with the look and feel of the products. The Murdock London range doesn’t just stop at hair products! They also have shaving, beard, face, body and cologne products in their collection.

Quince & oak shampoo £12

If you like shampoo that has quite a traditional kind of spicy fragrance, this could be right up your street. The pump action bottle makes for quick and easy dispensing, and much easier. I did find that you need quite a generous amount per wash, 2 pumps seems to be about right. It’s ingredients are mostly plant based, making it gentle on all hair types.

Murdock London shampoo

Sea salt spray £24

One thing I sometimes struggle with when blow drying my hair is creating volume. Applying a couple of pumps of sea salt spray before blow drying creates added volume and texture. Finish with either hair spray or a styling product for that ultimate look and hold.

Murdock London sea salt spray

Hair play £14

Murdock hair play is a soft putty/cream that gives hair styles a subtle shine and light hold. A product which is a cross between a styling gel and clay. I’d say its more suited to medium/longer hair styles. For me personally, I do prefer a product that has a bit more of a firm hold.

Murdock London hair play

Texture paste £14

A product that has featured in GQ magazine ‘Best grooming products in the world’ An easy to use paste that has a medium hold, giving a matt finish. An ideal product to use on shorter/medium length hair styles. It does allow some flexibility for restyling.

Murdock London texture paste

Matt mud £14

Probably my favourite product in the Murdock range, the matt mud is perfect for shorter length styles. It creates a natural matt finish with a  strong hold. The clever formula also absorbs excess oil from hair so it wont look greasy! Clever eh?

Murdock London matt mud

Have you tried any of the Murdock London range? Let me know in the comments box.


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