OHMME: Eco friendly activewear

Sustainble and eco friendly clothing isn’t something that’s easy to find, especially gym and activewear! It’s not like you can go down your local high street and find endless amounts of sustainable clothing shops! The popularity of eco friendly clothing is on the rise. One brand who specialise in eco friendly activewear is OHMME

As you can imagine with gym and activewear, how you move in it, is fairly important! Their high tech range of fabrics perform to the highest level whilst also being sustainable. So why choose Ohmme?

High tech fabrics

The clothing range uses GreeenDefence, which is a patented anti bacterial technology that stops bacterial growth and reduces odours. Clever eh? Sweat just evaporates through the material!


The fabrics are made into polyester using recycled plastic bottles or packaging. Polyester fabrics are really durable and resistant to stretching. There easy to wash, dries fast and doesn’t need ironing!


Yes you are reading that right… Bamboo fabric is used in the clothing! its soft and breathable, making it ideal for gym or yoga wear. It’s more efficient at moisture absorption than cotton an other fibres. What’s more its very sustainable as its so fast growing and needs very little to

Sweat wicking

Polyesteter fabrics draw moisture away from the body and absorbs very little water. They are very durable, resistant to stretching and shrinking, easy to wash and dont need ironing! What an impressive list!

So how does it perform?

The first thing you notice about the fabrics, is just how soft and comfortable they are, this must be partly down to the bamboo content! The OHMME range is really effective at drawing sweat away from the body. Possibly the best part about the range, is that you won’t need to ever iron any of it!

Have you tried any of the OHMME range? Let me know what you think below.


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