George’s Great British Kitchen review

Who doesn’t love good British food? You know the type… good old hearty classics such as Fish & Chips, Sausage & mash, Steak pie etc. George’s Great British Kitchen not just offer British food but British food that’s unique and with a twist, whilst bringing a taste of the seaside to Leeds!

This is a restaurant that I’d been keen to try out since it opened in Leeds late last summer. I was invited along last Friday to go check them out. Early indications were good… I mean the sign of any good restaurant is one that’s busy right? When we arrived, the place was almost full. We had one of the dainty looking beach hut booths. We started with couple of ice lolly inspired Fab cocktails whilst looking over the menu. If you’re a gin fan like me, there’s a good selection of gin on offer, including some cocktails!


Runny yolk Scotch egg hand made pork, leek and ginger Scotch egg served with piccalli. £5.95

George's Great British Kitchen

This is no ordinary Scotch egg, not that bland, dry thing you can buy from Supermarkets! I mean just look how delicious it looks with the bright runny yolk. I can honestly say its the best Scotch egg I’ve had! The sweetness of the homemade piccalilli contrasted well with the savoury Scotch egg.

George's Great British Kitchen

Ham hock with mushy peas fritter Homemade ham hock and mushy peas fritters covered in crucnhy seaweed crumb and drizzled with creamy horseradish mayo. £5.35

George's Great British Kitchen

The portion size seemed a bit on the large side for a starter, 2 fritters might have been enough?! There wasn’t much ham in the fritters, which came as a bit of a surprise seeing as its the main ingredient on the menu!

George's Great British Kitchen


Charcoal grilled Yorkshire venison – Haunch of venison grilled rare with a red wine, anise and orange sauce served with champ mash, braised red cabbage and parsnip crisps. £18.95

George's Great British Kitchen

The presentation of the dish was good, although an injection of colour would gone down well. It was supposed to come served rare, but it was more like medium. I’ll be honest, it’s not the best venison I’ve ever tried. It was a bit on the tough side for me, probably because its haunch and not loin (that cut really melts in the mouth)!

George's Great British Kitchen

George's Great British Kitchen

Wild ocean cod in onion bhaji batter – Tender fillet of cod in onion bhaji batter, drizzled with coronation mayo and garnished with chopped spring onion and coriander. Served with pilau rice and homemade curry sauce. £13.85

George's Great British Kitchen

If you like a generous size portion, you’d love the fish served at George’s! This is really a unusual twist on battered cod! After trying it, I wondered whether I’d made the right with my main. The flavours seemed to fuse together well and that homemade curry sauce was really tasty!

George's Great British Kitchen


Warm gooey chocolate & orange tart Melt in the middle rich chocolate orange tart in buttery pastry served with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce £5.95

The chocolate and orange tart was delicious for a Chocaholic like me! Although, seeing some of the other desserts, gave me a bit of food envy… especially the Doughnuts & Candyfloss brulee!

George's Great British Kitchen

Warm Cadbury’s fudge finger rolls 2 Cadbury fudge bars coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried till crisp outside and melting inside. Served with vanilla icecream, salted caramel and chocolate sauces. £5.95. 

Presentation wise, its not the greatest looking dessert but how would you even make battered chocolate look good? An usual dessert but it works and is very appetising.

aGeorge's Great British Kitchen

If you’ve not been to George’s Great British Kitchen I would certainly recommend a visit. It’s British food but there are lots of other influences in the dishes, such as Indian and Mediterranean so caters for a wide variety of tastes. Would I go again? Absolutely! Have you visited George’s Great British Kitchen?


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