Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers… there are so many on the market right now. But just how many actually can you honestly say have that aesthetic appeal? That’s where Danish design focused brand, Clint Digital come in.

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

The Freya 2  is quite typical for Scandinavian design; minimalistic but also quite eye catching. It’s got similarities to the voice controlled Amazon Echo.

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker


Definitely the strongest thing about the Freya 2 is the look of it! It has a nice clean and modern feel. Its such a handy compact size, which makes for easy transportation between rooms or wherever you plan on taking it! If you want it to fit in with particular room’s colour scheme, fear not. It comes in a wide range of colours so it’ll blend into the background which ever room you wish to put it in. The Freya 2 has a number of LED’s on the front which illuminate when your device is paired to the speaker.

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

Performance & sound

Bluetooth pairing is very straight forward. Once your device has been initially connected it’ll automatically connect when you turn the speaker back on (as long as bluetooth is enabled). For me, it’s not the most punchiest and most powerful bluetooth speaker I’ve come across, but the sound is very clear and doesn’t distort at higher volumes. Better quality audio files like WAV’s sound so much better through the speaker than lower quality MP3 files.

The battery is good for 8 hours use from a full charge which takes 3 hours. The Freya 2 supports most devices and platforms including Spotify, Airplay & DNA.

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

Added features

You can pair 2 speakers together to create the ultimate wireless stereo with zero cables! It also offers USB charging for your phone so doubles up as backup power supply if you’re on the move! Also included is a 3.5mm jack if your phone doesn’t have bluetooth connection.

Clint Freya 2 bluetooth speaker

The Clint Freya 2 isn’t the cheapest bluetooth speaker on the market, but it certainly looks amazing and is very capable of delivering quality sounding audio. You can buy it direct from Clint Digital priced £175.

Have you tried anything in the Clint Digital range?


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  1. Tee Simpson
    29th January 2018 / 10:04 pm

    This looks like a cool speaker. Im after one but find it hard to choose. Will look at this

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