What I love about being a motorcyclist

It seems like ages ago since I wrote My journey into biking where I talked about my love for biking & what you need to go through to pass your test. Since then I have added to my collection of bikes, I’m actually back down to 2 again (sobs) I thought I’d share a post about what I love most being a motorcyclist. Being a biker does have its down sides like when its raining (which seems to be all the time recently!) but they’re so many amazing things about bikes!

The thrill

Riding a motorbike feels like nothing else… that adrenaline rush! If you ride or ridden as a passenger you’ll know! For me, its something I really look forward to every time I ride… especially when you’ve got over 600cc of power on tap and capable of doing 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, some super-cars can’t even do that! That boy racer type who fancy their chances in a race at traffic lights has no chance!

Never getting stuck in traffic

Being on a bike you never need to worry about getting stuck in long queues of traffic. Filtering through stationary or slow moving traffic is completely legal (people who try to cut you off might disagree!) You get to and from work much quicker!

It allows you to disconnect from everything

Riding a motorbike takes so much more concentration and effort than driving a car! You need to constantly monitor your road position, speed, angle of riding, road condition, hazards etc. You don’t get chance to think over your to do list for that day or what you might have for tea, it really allows you to clear your mind of everything!

It will make you a better driver

Because you are constantly monitoring road position, speed, possible hazards etc you see things a lot earlier and become more alert to situations around you. These skills transfer across to driving and will make you become a better driver.

The outfits

How can I not mention the outfits? A biker looks the part in leathers right? Looking good and feeling safe is nearly as important as the bike itself! There are so many different types available but leathers have to be the ultimate… I’ll have to save up for that one piece leather race suit! But I have just ordered a new Alpinestars jacket which I must admit does look pretty sharp!

Cheap to run

A bike uses much less fuel than a car, especially if you have a smaller bike like a 125! My current 2 bikes (Honda CBR 600-F & Kawasaki ER6-N) both cost around £12 to fill. There no where near as economical as How cheap is that? Both do around 40mpg (depending how aggressively you ride it!) Tax is fairly cheap too, my CBR is only £60 for the year!

Have you had any experiences of bikes? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Agata 'ATGATT'
    14th October 2017 / 11:53 am

    I would also add that once you’ve mastered the art of riding a motorcycle, you feel one with the machine, and the bike becomes nothing short of an extension of yourself (excuse the pun). You put your trust in something that can easily kill you any second, and you learn to control it. It’s a very special bond that can only form between a motorcycle and its rider, and as cheesy as it sounds, reminds me of ‘tsahaylu’as seen in the movie Avatar. After all, riding a bike feels almost like flying 🙂

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