Neal & Wolf Men

It seems to have been a while since I’ve got my hands on some new hair products. That was until I received a selection of products from a brand, I’ll admit, I’d not heard before! Neal & Wolf a brand founded by Neil Capstick, a haircare distributor, back in 2009.

Neal & Wolf Men

When it comes to grooming products one of  the first thing I check out is the fragrance. I’ve got to say I’m really not mad on the scent of this range. Fragrances are very much a case of each to their own. For me, it doesn’t really stand out as being vibrant and fresh enough. I’d say it’s a fragrance that is maybe more suited to a product line for a more discerning gent.

3-in-1 shower gel

As the name implies this is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one! Am ideal product if you need to travel light. It’s enriched with milk and silk proteins with panthenol and shea butter to moisturise and give hair shine.

The pump action bottle makes for easy and controlled dispensing. The gel does create a rich and foamy lather, its fairly concentrated so you don’t need that much. Even though its a 3-in-1 product, for me there is no substitute for separate shampoo and conditioner! But this a product that could have its own place like in your travel bag, where space and weight is limited.

01 STYLE Shaping cream

A light shaping cream intended to add shape and add texture. For me, this is a hair product that gives light/medium hold. Don’t expect the hold of this product to last all day, but it does allow you to re-shape. Finish with hair spray to give that increase in hold factor. The nice thing about shaping creams is that they don’t give too much shine, but give a more natural, healthy and textured look. I’d say this is a product suited for short hair that doesn’t need much styling.

Neal & Wolf Men 01 style shaping cream

02 CREATE Mattifying paste

The mattifying paste is designed to give a flexible, medium hold and matt finish. Its intended for styling short, textured and choppy styles, but can be used on most styles. Although I don’t have a choppy style, I did find it works quite well with my cut and the hold lasts for most of the day. It doesn’t leave your hair with a greasy feeling like some hair products can.

Neal & Wolf Men 02 Create mattifying paste

04 DEFINE Pomade

A water based formula that gives a slick and glossy finish with a firm hold. Out of the 3 hair products I tried, this was probably my favourite. I think it suits my style more than the other 2 products and I preferred the firmer hold it offers. This pomade doesn’t dry our hair out or leave it feeling hard and crunchy. It’s a great product if you have a style formed with a comb such as the popmadour, slickback or classic side part! This is a water based pomade so is really easy to wash out, unlike some of the more traditional oil based pomades.

Neal & Wolf Men 04 Design Pomade

The RRP for each product is £12.95, which I think is maybe a bit on the high side. But the size of the products is quite generous, so each product should last you a good few months. Like most good quality hair products, you only need a small amount per application, this is obviously dependent upon hair length.

Have you tried any of the Neal & Wolf range? What did you think?



  1. Andrew James (Beauty and The Boy)
    18th September 2017 / 12:26 am

    These sound pretty awesome i love a good shaping cream! something i can blow dry into my hair is always good too

    Andrew James –

  2. 18th September 2017 / 8:35 am

    Ooh, I love Neal & Wolf haircare, I had no idea they did a men’s range. I’m going to recommend the mattifying paste to my other half. Also. Packaging goals! 🙂

  3. Tom
    18th September 2017 / 11:11 pm

    The men’s range is still rather new! I did like the mattifying paste for its matt look but the pomade had a more firm hold. I must admit the branding does stand out 🙂

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