Moto GP at Silverstone

If you follow me on social media you might have seen I was lucky enough to be at the Moto GP at Silverstone a few weeks ago. This for me, as a huge bike fan was like an absolute dream come true! It was like all my Christmases had come at once! For those of you that don’t follow Moto GP, its basically the Formula 1 equivalent in the motorbike world. So this is exactly why I was so excited!

The weekend started with a very early start on Saturday morning, the door to door taxi service from home to Silverstone definitely made up for the 6am start! Just under 3 hours later we’d arrived at Silverstone. As soon as I arrived I felt like a kid on Christmas day, a biker’s paradise and much more! I was kindly invited along by IQOS one of Ducati’s sponsors, so we had full hospitality including paddock access with the Ducati team… how amazing is that! If you’ve ever been to the Moto GP or F1 you’ll know how special it is to get Paddock access and the chance to get up close to the teams and maybe some of the riders!

After a quick explore round the paddock, we got to chill out in the amazing Ducati hub where we kicked off with a quiz all about Moto GP… well what would it be on? I loved the quiz and thought I’d actually done alright… more about that later! Randy Mamola then came to chat to us about his racing career, Moto GP and what he does wit! If you’ve not heard of Randy, he’s a former Moto GP racer and you could say a bit of a legend in the motorbike world!

The day just kept getting better as we then got exclusive access into the Ducati garages, see the awesome Moto GP bikes up close and met some of the riders team.

It was such a privilege to get to get access to places that normally you’d never be able to go! I don’t even think you can buy such an experience that’s how exclusive it is!

The lunch was amazingly good… so much choice for all tastes including roast beef and fish and chips! So good you kinda wanted to go back for a bit more!

As if the day couldn’t get any better, we were given the opportunity to ride the 2 seater Ducati Desmosedici Moto GP bike. This wad with ex Moto GP Riders Randy Mamola & Franco Battaini around the Silverstone track. I don’t think I need to tell you what my answer was! This is a bike that produces 230bhp, capable of doing 230mph and will do 0-60 in just over 2 seconds! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and probably the best thing I’ve ever experienced! Before you can go on it though you’ve got to pass a medical assessment (just that made my heart race!)

I’m used to the power and speed of road bikes but this was just on a completely different level! You could really feel the G-forces under acceleration and especially under braking.

After the ride it was back to the Ducati hospitality suite, we had time for a drink and snack before the Ducati Moto GP riders, Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso came to talk to us. Jorge is a three time Moto GP world champion and Andrea is in contention for the championship this year… these guys are very special riders! As if the talk with the riders wasn’t amazing enough we got signed caps from both of them… Do you think I could look any happier?

It was then time to announce the winner of the quiz! I’d only gone and came joint with another guy. I’ve never felt so much pressure in all my life… I’d be eyeing that helmet up all day! The tie break question was ‘Where is the next round of Moto Gp’? I had a few guesses and eventually got to Italy, but then came but which track… my guess of Monza wasn’t correct. Neither of us knew the answer, he heard someone from the crowd shout out the right answer.  I did get a slider that was signed by both riders, which is a pretty cool prize, lets be honest!

The next day we had another early start, not quite the 6am start like the day before! I was feeling quite refreshed after our over night stay at Hotel Campanile in Northampton which was only about a 20 minute drive from Silverstone.

Paddock passes collected again and it was off to to do some more exploring round the paddock and stalls, which for me was great!

Just before lunch we were treated to an appearance by Ducati rider Andrea ‘Dovi’ Divizioso to chat to us about race preparations, his championship ambitions and life outside of Moto GP racing.

The chance came for to ask Dovi some questions, no one seemed to want to step up! I was dying to ask something… I kept it clean and asked about about how he finds the Silverstone circuit!

The afternoon was all about watching the racing… from the grandstand! We had seats in the stand at Maggotts Becketts and Chapel, the most iconic and fastest sequence of corners at Silverstone.

The Moto GP race itself was awesome and full of action! Dovi even managed to get a win and that was from starting 6th on the grid! It even included an overtake on the legend Valentino Rossi in the last few laps. That was after Marc Marquez had to retire because of engine failure. Jorge Lorenzo managed a very credible 5th!

I don’t think I’ll ever have a weekend that will come close to being as good as this one… literally best weekend ever!! A big thank you to W Communications & IQOS for inviting me along. Next year seems to far away to wait until the next one!


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