Diesel Bad Intense

When a new version of a fragrance is launched part of me wonders just how different it can be to the original! Diesel fragrances have just launched a brand new intense version of Diesel Bad. You might have seen my review of the original Diesel Bad fragrance where I described it as ideal for casual afternoons out or midweek dining.

The styling of the bottle is very similar to the original, the differences being (you’ve got to look hard!) are the more bold black colouring of the bottle and the ‘BAD’ logo stamped in copper along with the coppery coloured box give a feeling of intense heat.

Diesel Bad Intense

The intense version bursts open with top notes of bergamot and cardamon… much like the original scent

Then come the spicy heart notes of saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon which differ to slightly to the first version of the fragrance

The scent drys down to leave woody base notes of vanilla bean and resins of benzoin and labdandum

It has a lot of similarities to the original scent. If you’re a fan of the first version, then I’m sure you’ll like this one just as much… if not more!  This is a deeper, darker and louder version of the spicy woody fragrance. The sillage of the scent is quite strong so you really only need a couple of sprays at the most!

I’d say this is an ideal fragrance for nights out, perfect for those colder autumnal evenings that are just around the corner! It’s available to buy from Boots priced £48 for 50ml version or £67 for the 125ml bottle.

Have you tried Diesel Bad or any of the other Diesel fragrances?


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