Whisky Tasting Guide

It’s fair to say I’ve never been the biggest fan of strong spirits especially whisky! Tastes change over time, over recent years I’ve got into spirits a bit more, whisky is one of them… after all it is quite cool and sophisticated drink! Do you want to know more about whisky but not sure where to start? I thought I’d share with you a whisky tasting guide.

Jack Daniels single barrel select

We’re all familiar with the name but just exactly how is it made? Put it simply it’s a spirit made from fermented grain mash. Various grains are used for different varieties; malted barley for scotch, corn for bourbon.

Types of whisky

You only need to look behind any bar to realise how many different types there are; Scottish, Irish, Blended, Single malt, Bourbon, Tennessee the list is endless! For me personally, I love the distinct taste of Bourbons! The whisky connoisseurs out there will undoubtedly say there is no better whisky than a a single malt! Jack Daniels single barrel select would make an whisky to try first. It offers a distinctive, full bodied taste with hints and notes of vanilla, toasted oak and cinnamon.

Jack Daniels single barrel select


There’s nothing wrong with a glass tumbler, but if you’re going to become a whisky connoisseur you just have to buy a tulip shaped glass! This allows the aroma to be concentrated in the neck of the glass and it also allows you to swirl your drink in the glass without it going everywhere!

Ways to drink 

Neat is considered to be the best and only way to drink whisky by some! The reason for this is to taste the spirit as it was distilled. If you’ve ever tried whisky neat, you might know that after a little while you eventually lose the ability to taste the drink as your tongue goes numb! Adding a little water to your drink will allow you taste the whisky but wont number your tongue!

Old Forester bourbon whisky

You can also drink your whisky on the rocks, some people will argue this will water the drink down too much. To get round this you can use whisky stones like these from Men’s Society which you just pop in the freezer that cool your drink but don’t water it down! You can use them time and time again, just wash and the re-freeze in the bag. They are perfect at keeping your preferred whisky of choice chilled, like Old Forester, a rich but smooth bourbon whisky with hints of soft vanilla and light orange notes! If your not a usual whisky drinker why not try something slightly different… make a whisky smash cocktail; mix together crushed ice, a measure of Old Forester, a splash of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of caster sugar and a few mint leaves!

Do you have any favourite whisky’s or drinking tips? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Irene Murdoch
    22nd January 2018 / 2:07 pm

    Irish Fiance’s favourite tipple is Tullamore Dew.

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