Perricone MD: Unisex Skincare

Most skincare brands these days target either a male or female audience. There are a handful of ranges that are well suited to both men and women… just like the Perricone MD skincare range!

Perricone MD Pre Empt Series

The pre:empt series

The pre empt series is powered by anti-oxidant rich ingredients including green tea, olive leaf and tumeric! But just how good are these ingredients at combating fine lines, dullness and dark circles?

Daily foaming cleanser

A gently formulated daily facial cleanser, suitable for sensitive skin. To use, simply work a small amount in hands and massage into skin in circular motion and rinse with warm water. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something I’m just not sure about about the fragrance. I mean it’s not badly scented, I’m just not overly keen on the herby scent it in comparison to other cleansers. Fragrance aside, it cleanses daily grime buildup well without drying out skin.

Perricone MD Pre Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanser

Refreshing shower mask RRP £32

Who doesn’t like to multi-task? Well now you can even in the shower with the Perricone shower mask! Apply to facial area before you get in the shower. The cooling gel is activated from the heat of the shower to help soften and soothe skin. It’s great for use in the morning as the gel gives off a slight tingling sensation which does help wake you up… if you’re anything like me it’s well needed to give you that extra boost to get you ready for work!

Perricone MD Pre Empt Series Shower Mask

Skin perfecting serum RRP£29

The skin perfecting serum contains the highest concentration of antioxidants from the pre:empt range. The pipette helps to make dispensing easier and more consistent… you only need 3-4 drops per use. Although, I would probably prefer a pump action bottle as its a little less messy! The serum absorbs quickly into skin and I didn’t experience any issues or irritation whilst using it. Use once a day on a morning  before finishing with a moisturiser.

Perricone MD Pre Empt Series Skin Perfecting Serum

Brightening eye cream RRP £39

I do like a qood quality eye cream! The eye cream from the pre:empt series claims to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine line and puffiness. It did help to brighten my under eye area, but for me, doesn’t really improve the look of dark circles. I do like the pump action bottle, even one pump is too much for both under eye areas, so I have to try and get just half a pump!

Perricone MD Pre Empt Series Brightening eye cream

Photo plasma RRP £59

Moisturiser’s with SPF seem to be everywhere these days… this one has anti-aging properties too! The oil free formula helps to protect from UVA & UVB damage, so this would be the perfect daily moisturiser to take away with you on your sun holiday or use as a daily moisturiser! To use, apply on a morning to face and neck in circular motions. It’s formula doesn’t make your skin feel greasy or oily and I didn’t suffer any skin irritation. It absorbs fairly well into skin, evening using in conjunction with the skin perfecting serum.

Perricone MD Photo Plasma

Having used the Perricone MD pre:empt range for a number of weeks, I have noticed some minor improvement in the softness of my skin. I do think the price point is fairly high for some of the products and would maybe put something people off purchasing.

Have you tried any of the Perricone MD range? What were your thoughts on them?


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