What’s in my gym wash bag?

If you’re anything like me, the weight of your gym bag is largely made up from your grooming products and not your actual gym wear and equipment! Trying to get the balance of the right products, but not weighing you down too much if you have to cart your bag round with you all day so I thought I’d share a post on some of my essential products.

What's in my wash bag

After you’ve completed a grueling weights or cardio session, or a mixture of both, you need a selection of products which you can rely on and help refresh and invigorate you! The first item in my wash bag is Lynx sport body wash 250ml, (£1 from Boots on special offer). This is probably my favourite body wash in the Lynx range. It”s a refreshing and revitalising shower gel which is prefect for when you’ve finished your workout and want to leave your skin feeling refreshed and smelling great!

Lynx Sport Blast Body Wash

Although the Lynx sport blast is a 2-in-1 body and hair wash, I prefer a separate shampoo. I currently have John Frieda frizz ease shampoo in my wash bag. I wouldn’t say I have massively frizzy or wavy hair but it’s definitely not naturally straight. I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in waviness in comparison to other shampoos I’ve used but it did leave my hair feeling silky smooth, clean and with a nice shine.

John Frieda frizz ease shampoo

My preferred choice of antiperspirant is Dove Men+ Care in clean comfort. I adore this fragrance and whenever its on special offer I have to snap up a few cans. One of the great things about this product is that it doesn’t leave any white marks on your skin like some other antiperspirants can. What’s more its supposed to be able to give you 48 hour protection… although I’ve never tested this theory!

A new moisturiser I’ve recently come across is L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive soothing birch sap. It’s formulated with 6 essential oils and enriched with natural birch tree sap. I found this to be an effective hydrating moisturiser and it feels very cooling and soothing on skin, ideal for after a gym workout. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. The pump action bottle makes for easy and controlled application. If you have sensitive skin, this could be right up your street as it contains 0% alcohol. The scent is rather good to, it’s fresh, almost minty, but definitely not overpowering.

If you’re a regular reader, you might know I’m a big fan of Bulldog skincare, I also have Bulldog skincare original eye roll-on in my wash bag. It’s made with natural ingredients to help improve the appearance of dark circles. One thing I like about this eye roll on is that it has a squeezy tube to help control the amount of product you require. It has a instantly cooling and refreshing feel once applied to the under eye area. As someone who is quite badly affected by hayfever, I found this is a good product to help reduce puffiness commonly you get from hayfever.

For the all important hair product, I have Men-Ü clay in my wash bag. It gives a matt, textured finish and medium hold factor, making it great for shorter hair styles like mine. It does allow for some manipulation and restyling during the day. Use with hair spray for the ultimate hold.

What are your essential products in your wash bag at the moment? Let me know in the comment below.


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  1. Iris Tilley
    20th July 2017 / 2:15 pm

    Mines just contains plenty of deodorant and talc

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