Gift’s for Men: Supercar Driving Experience

There are some gifts which you just know you’re going to be on to an absolute winner… You know that type of gift when you see someones face totally light up… yeah that kind of gift! I’d imagine driving a Supercar would be on the bucket list for a lot of guys and girls! especially for any self confessed petrol head like me! I mean who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari?!

Supercar Driving Experience

It might come as a surprise if you didn’t know Tesco Direct offer a huge range of gift experiences! For those that like to relax – short breaks, to the extreme – white water rafting and not forgetting the choice of driving experiences! There’s literally something for everyone, I’d be really surprised if you can’t find something you like! If you’ve read my recent post you’ll know I like anything with a powerful engine so I couldn’t wait to try out the Double Supercar Driving Blast along with my Dad to get the chance to get behind the wheel of 2 amazing super cars!

The booking process

Once you’ve purchased your experience online, it’ll get sent to your house in a neat looking case, perfect for someone to open as a gift! To book your experience you just visit the buyagift site and enter the unique voucher code and select the venue you want. Then you just need to call up and book a slot, its that easy!

Supercar Driving Day

Supercar Driving Experience

On the day

Your asked to arrived around 45 minutes before your slot to go through the necessary paperwork and sign your life away! We had a bit of time to wander down track side to check out the super cars on offer before the safety briefing. After quick talk on the do’s and dont’s of the track, it was on to the really important bit… the lowdown on the cars! Engine size, BHP, Top speeds, 0-60 times, everything you need to know to help you choose which cars you want to drive! There’s so much choice… Audio R10, Ferrari, McLarenAston Martin, you name it they’ve got it! You can pay to upgrade to a better car or get more laps. You’re given a USB memory stick for your photos and videos which you get the chance of purchasing at the end.

Supercar Driving Day

The Cars

After finding out the tech specs on the cars, I was so drawn to the Nissan Skyline GTR, being the quickest car there, getting to 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds! The other choice was an easy one for me, the Lamborghini LP560-4, a update of the amazing Gallardo with a huge 5.2 litre v10 engine. My Dad chose the Aston martin Vantage and Porsche 991 Carrera. All the cars have a tiptronic gearbox, meaning there is no clutch! I know what you might be thinking how do you change gear then?! You just use the the paddles at the side of the steering wheel… just like in a Formula 1 car!

A queuing system is in place for each car, the more popular cars (like the ones I wanted to drive) have the much longer ques! First up I chose to drive the Nissan Skyline GTR. There were 2 of these cars so the queue went down pretty quickly until eventually it was my turn! With temperatrures soaring above 30 degrees, the air conditioning was a god send as I stepped into the car! After getting comfortable, the instructor went through the controls before it was time to set off!

The roar of that V6 turbo engine was unreal! My first lap I had to get to know the track so couldn’t go flat out! The second lap I got to open it up… wow that acceleration was insane! The track had 2 long straights, a few chicanes and a number of tight turns, which made for a challenging but fun drive! The only downside… I only got 2 laps in it which seemed to be over far too quickly! I did feel like the Instructor was a bit too cautious and didn’t really push me on as much as I’d of liked, speaking to a few other people this seemed to be the case for the Instructors in the Skylines.

Supercar Driving Experience

I went to find the queue for the Lamborghini  Gallardo LP560-4 a bit of a longer wait this time even though there was 2 cars again, but definitely worth the wait! This was the one I’d really been looking forward to! After what seemed like a lifetime, (but gave me chance to work on my tan a bit!) I got the yellow Lamborghini, but I’d only got out of the pits when the instructor decided he didn’t like a sound it was making and had to go and get it checked out! So instead I got the drive the white model which had no air conditioning… let me tell you it was so hot but that wasn’t going ti spoil anything!

Supercar Driving Experience

Because of the mixup, the instructor said he’d give me an extra lap… bonus! I was already familiar with the track by this point after my laps in the Skyline so I really put my foot down from the moment I got out of the pits! The power of that huge 5.2 V10 engine was just amazing! I was really impressed with my instructor; teaching me the best time to change up/down, when to break (its surprising just how late you can brake!) and how to carry speed through into the corners and where the racing line is! Reaching speeds of 130mph down the straights… that was something else! I felt like I was really pushed, which is exactly what I wanted and I was even overtaking cars on the last lap!

Supercar Driving Day

Supercar Driving Experience

We had a such a good day driving some amazing supercars! I would highly recommend going and giving this a try, if like me, you have a need for speed… you just need a driving licence and a bit of bottle! It’s definitely something ticked off my bucket list and I’ve already got my eye on another driving experience… a single seater racing car!

Have you been on a supercar driving experience before?



    • Tom
      25th June 2017 / 3:14 pm

      I totally agree! This is for anyone. It’s definitely worth a go!

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