Kreafunk aSound Bluetooth Speaker

Summer is here.. at last! I don’t know about you but I absolutely love summer, I mean what can be better than spending evenings in the garden having a barbecue with plenty of cold ones?! Will you be making the most of the good weather and getting out the barbecue? If not why not? Along with good food and drink every barbecue needs music, that’s where the Kreafunk aSound bluetooth speaker comes in!

Kreafunk aSound Bluetooth Speaker

Kreafunk is a Danish company which began in 2011 between two friends who wanted to bring together creativity and functionality through quality designs that have an urban vibe. The Kreafunk aSound is available to buy from Amara, an online retailer in home living and accessories.


The Kreafunk aSound speaker has the look and feel of a retro radio. The carry handle on the side makes for easy transportation, but for me doesn’t add anything to the aesthetics of the speaker. In comparison to other bluetooth speakers available, it is on the larger size!

Kreafunk aSound Bluetooth Speaker

Functionality & performance

The controls of the speaker are simple to use and located handily on top of the speaker. Most controls can be made via your phone or what ever device you want to link it to. Connectivity via bluetooth is quick and easy and once you’ve paired your device to the speaker it’ll pair automatically next time you come to use it.

The battery supposedly lasts for 10 hours, although I’ve not had it on for this amount of time yet, it has impressed me with its battery life. I did find that the connectivity range isn’t that great, taking your phone into the next room it would lose connection, which can be a bit annoying! It’s not an ideal size for travelling, but a great size for keeping around the home.

Kreafunk aSound Bluetooth Speaker

The sound

The important bit… for quite a big heavy speaker you’d expect a powerful sound, and it does give exactly that! The sound is crisp and clear and delivers deep powerful bass notes. Even when the volume is really cranked up, there is very little in the way of distortion in sound quality. It’s great at delivering music at the only way it should be played… (I think you can guess the rest!)

Kreafunk aSound Bluetooth Speaker

It’s certainly not the cheapest bluetooth speaker on the market, but it does deliver some seriously good quality sound. The aSound bluetooth speaker is available to buy from Amara priced £235 and comes in a range of different colours.

Have you got any favorite or recommendations for bluetooth speakers? Let me know in the comments below.


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