A day out at Sheffield cable water ski park

Have you ever watched Total Wipeout and thought I’d love to give something like that a go… well now you can as Yorkshire has it’s very own Total Wipeout course at Sheffield Cable Ski in Rother Valley Park, Sheffield! Not only do they have an inflatable assault course, but if you fancy something a little bit more adventurous you can also try one of the water sports in the cable park! Last Sunday my friend Chris and I headed down to Sheffield to see what it was all about.

It was quite an early start as Sunday mornings go, needing to be there an hour before we had to get there for around 10am. We finally got there (after a short unexpected detour thanks to the sat nav) there’s a £5 parking charge to park within the grounds of the park or you can park outside but you’ll face a long walk in! When we arrived we got a warm welcome by Andy, the park manager who went through a few essential health and safety things and the mandatory signing our lives away on a series of forms! After a quick brew it was time to get kitted out in our wetsuits and buoyancy aids and give the first activity a go… knee boarding!

We had a quick talk through how to use the board and how to turn on it (well it doesn’t do it for you!) The initial start is a bit scary… waiting for the cable to pull you off the mat at speed onto the water! but once your out there it’s really quite exhilarating! Although it doesn’t look like your going that fast when you’re watching, let me tell you…it definitely feels it when your out there! Negotiating the corners is by far toughest part, trying to go through the markers to keep the line tight so that it doesn’t yank you off the board once you’re round the corner! We were told knee boarding can be quite tiring, they weren’t kidding… I think I managed 3 circuits! It was hard work but really good fun.

Next up… possibly the most popular and best way of getting round the cable park… wake boarding! We had another briefing with Andy, there was lots to take in and remember! How to stand, how to distribute your weight, holding the line, taking corners to name just a few! The start is by far the hardest part to get, although Chris seemed to get lucky! It’s easy to over think as there’s so much to remember. The most important things are to try and keep a relaxed body position (easier said then done!), bend you legs, put most of your weight on your back foot and pull the handle in to your right side when your setting (if your goofy like me) And you’ll be fine! It was great fun and definitely a bit easier on your body than knee boarding! Yes that lake is cold at this time of year. The course even has a selection of kickers and rails for the more experienced boarders… maybe next time!

All that time out on the cable ski park meant we’d worked up a big appetite so lunch was well needed. On the menu was chicken goujons, side salad and chips, a recommendation by Andy. A good one it was as well! Suitably refueled, it was on to the last part of the day, the Aqua park. Of course there was another quick obligatory safety briefing on what to and not to do! There’s only way to get to the aqua park… a short swim. It’s a good way to get you used to the cold water temperature as you’ll be experiencing it a few times on the course!

The course is full of slides, trampolines, climbing wall, runways and not forgetting the probably the most popular bit of the course, the blast blag…where you might be able to guess, you can blast friends several feet in the air! Each Aqua park session lasts 50 minutes, that might not sound like a lot of time but believe me its tiring work conquering all those obstacles!

If you’re looking for a fun filled day out and trying out a new water sport, Sheffield Cable ski would make a great choice. Just maybe don’t try everything in one day like we did… it is tiring work! Thanks to Andy and the team for inviting us along.

Have you tried any water sports before? Let me know in the comments box below.


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