6 tips for maintaining a healthier beard

The colder winter months are a thing of the past now (at last!) Even though the summer months are upon us, beards still need to be looked after and shouldn’t be neglected. I thought I’d share some of my top beard care tips for all those who maintain a beard or thinking about growing one.

Fight the Itch

During the early stages (first couple of weeks) your beard or more bum fluff at that stage will itch and get a bit annoying… Resist the temptation to shave it off it will get better I promise!

Wash regularly

Just like your hair, beards need to be washed regularly too! Invest in a good quality beard shampoo that will fight through daily build up of grime and bits of food that might be left lingering in your beard!


Beard hair can grow at different speeds, so it’s important to trim with a beard trimmer like my cordless Wahl 4-in-1 a couple of times a week to maintain a groomed and tidy beard.

Choose a good beard oil

Beards have a tendency to be quite bristly, they need some help to soften and condition and this organic beard oil* would be an ideal choice.

Don’t forget to comb

Invest in a quality wide toothed beard comb to untangle stubborn hairs and to train the hairs to grow downwards. A combed beard looks a lot smarter and give the appearance of a fuller beard!

Tidy your cheek line

I’ve seen too many beards that just look a little bit scruffy and untidy. Keeping a tidy neck and cheek line will help keep your beard looking sharp. I can’t think of a better tool for the job than my cut throat shavette.

I hope these suggestions give you a few ideas to help you maintain a better and healthier looking beard. You can find a range of beard care products to help with your beard grooming at lovelybeards

Have you got any beard care tips or suggestions? Let me know in the comment below.


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  1. C.Mckenzie
    13th May 2017 / 10:26 am

    Hello Tom

    I’ve got a few pointers that i swear by which have worked out pretty well for myself and and a few of my mates who have beards also. I shaved my beard off for a charity event a few months ago, to help raise some funds to a worthy cause, it was well worth it , but now I’m well on the way getting back my beardstastic state again . Here’s what i done.
    1. I knew i’ll get the beard itch so i done my homework and i invested in an unrefined Shea butter beard balm, 100% natural with no mucky chemicals in it . The benefits were no Beard itch or rawness because of Anti-inflammatory properties in the beard balm and it smelt awesome.
    2 i brought a brush because my beard was to short to comb properly in the beginning stages not only because i wanted to look half decent but because the friction of the brush helps stimulate the hair follicles, so as to let my beard grow just that little faster.
    3.Just let it grow for about 4-6 weeks without trimming or shaping it whatsoever so my beard could take its natural shape around my before i messed with it . Within this time i was able to comb my beard so good beard comb i already had came in handy.
    4 Washing my beard I used a sulphate free shampoo non hash , it was actually a kids shampoo i find washing regularly leaves it dry and bristle but with an extra mild shampoo I don’t get that problem. I read something about every time we shampoo are hair and beards we’re getting rid of dirt but we’re also stripping away the natural oils that are hair needs
    5 Beard oil is a godsend i like an organic as well, i mix a few drops together with a knob of bead balm and my beard has never looked so good or smelt better the brand i get is from The Prominent Men’s Grooming Co, 100% natural top stuff and nicely priced too. Beard on pal .

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