Bulldog Skincare – a Man’s Best Friend?

What is it that you look for in a skincare range? If it’s affordability, natural ingredients and free from animal testing then you might be interested in my latest male grooming post all about the Bulldog Skincare for men range. I’m no stranger to Bulldog, the original moisturiser and face wash has made been a regular stocking filler for me in Christmas’s gone by!

Bulldog Skincare

Who are Bulldog?

The idea for the Bulldog range was created when its founder noted there were no straightforward skincare products made from natural ingredients. The range took 2 years of research and development and the first products hit the shelves of retailers in 2007. Everything they do is simple, straightforward and accessible. Who’d have thought this brand has been going for 10 years!

Intensive 24hr moisturiser 

A face cream that provides 24 hour moisturisation. It contains the key oils of borage, almond and camelina which are high in omega 3, 6 and 9. If you struggle with dry skin, this would be a good product choice to help combat the effects as it works well as a rehydrating moisturiser.

Bulldog Skincare Intensive 24hr moisturiser

It has a thick formula which takes some effort for it to be fully absorbed into the skin. The moisturiser can be used morning and night, just apply to face and face and neck after cleansing. Make sure you massage it in well or it can leave a slight greasy feel on your skin.

Bulldog Skincare Intensive 24hr moisturiser

Anti-ageing moisturiser

This moisturising cream contains 5 essential oils, millet seed and oak apple tannins intended to help give smother and nourished skin. The first thing that struck me about the anti-ageing moisturiser is how good it feels, it silky smooth formula is easily absorbed into skin.

Bulldog Skincare anti-ageing moisturiser

The moisturiser is non-greasy formula, my skin did feel softer and smoother after using it. Although I can’t say it’s made it appear any younger! It’s a very affordable anti-ageing moisturiser in comparison to other similar skincare products that have a much higher price point. What’s more, it’s suitable for all skin types.

Bulldog Skincare anti-ageing moisturiser

Original hand cream

Bulldog original hand cream contains 8 essential oils, glycerin, jojoba and Vitamin E to help keep hands hydrated and protected. It’s ideal if you sometimes get dry skin on the back of your hands like me. The original Bulldog fragrance is fresh and zesty with a very masculine woody base.

Original lip balm

Lip care is one of my staples, I suffer with dry lips quite a bit. It contains natural waxes, castor oil and shea butter that helps to nourish and protect lips. The natural mint oil gives a nice refreshing masculine flavour to the lip balm.

For me, Bulldog Skincare is one of the best affordable men’s skincare ranges around. I’m not sure you’d find a better range of natural men’s grooming products The Bulldog skincare for men range is available to buy from Boots and other retailers, prices start from £3.00. These are definitely products I’d use again in the future. You can check out Bulldog Skincare for more information.

Have you tried any of the Bulldog Skincare for men range? Let me know in the comments box.


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