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If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might of gathered by now that I’m a big fan of steak, well actually all kind of meat… especially if it’s of the highest quality! You just cant beat a fillet steak, chunky chips, served with your favourite sauce! There’s so many companies offering protein meat boxes, but just how good is the quality of the meat? A meat box from the Butchers on the other hand, is something you should be able to rely on. I’ve never actually tried a meat box before…. until now!

Keevil & Keevil is one of the oldest Butchers in London in the Smithfield market (the largest meat market in Britain) and been around since 1850! Any Butchers that’s been around for that amount of time, has to be doing something right? They stock a huge range of meat from poultry to British beef and wild game and even specialist meats from around the world.

I was sent a bespoke Butchers selection box which included their steakhouse selection, in that you get 2 x 10oz rump steaks, 2 x 80z sirloin steaks, 2 x 8oz rib-eye steaks and 2 x 6oz fillet steaks. All are hand cut from grass fed British or Irish cattle.

To ensure your meat reaches you in tip top condition, the meat box is lined with ice packs and bubble wrap and placed inside a high density polystyrene lining inside the cardboard box. This ensures chilled and frozen products will be at a stable temperature until they are delivered to you. Each individual meat pack comes vacuum packed, and includes the date it was packed on and also the all important use by date. The meat is fine to pop in the freezer until you need them. Individually wrapping them makes it much easier when you want to take it out!

From the steak selection I started with the 10oz rump steak, now what a nice thick cut that was, so tender and full of flavour as was the sirloin steak.

But for me, the stand out cut was the rib-eye. I mean just look at the marbling in that amazing looking steak… The taste and flavour was even better, definitely one of the best tasting rib-eye steaks I’ve ever had!

My bespoke meat box also included a pack of dry cured smoked bacon, Cumberland sausages, a guinea fowl and venison steaks.

The dry cured bacon is thick cut, not like the thin watery stuff you get in supermarkets. When cooked it has a delicious, sweet smoky flavour to it and pairs well with the Cumberland sausage for the ultimate breakfast sandwich! Or the Cumberland sausages would make a great traditional sausages and mash.

I cannot wait to try the other cuts from my meat box, especially the fillet and venison steaks, I just know they’re going to be special. I can feel a recipe coming soon, so keep watching! I know I’ll be staying clear of supermarket meat in the future. I don’t think you’d find much better quality anywhere, quite a statement to make, but the quality of the meat really is that good! I’ll definitely be back as I’ve got one eye on Goat and Grouse. Check out the Keevil & Keevil site

Have you tried a mail order Butchers box? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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