Super Styling with SuperFish Hair Products

When it comes to hair products there’s so much choice for us guys these days! Walk into any high street store and you can be a bit taken back with the huge range in front of you! There’s all sorts of things to consider when purchasing, including texture, look/shine, hold and volume. If your looking for ultra hold hair products, I might have just the range for you!

Fish SuperFish Hair Producs

You may have heard or come across Fish hairshop brand before, they’ve actually been in existence since the late 80’s when they opened their first salon in Soho, London before going on to release their first hair product, Fish wax in 1995.

The SuperFish range delivers tough performing products with hardcore hold! I spend quite a bit of time each day outside and with the British weather being very changeable, I need a hair product that can withstand the elements! The SuperFish range sounds like it could be well suited for my needs!

Fierce fish de-gunk shampoo

Perfect for daily use to remove dirt and grime. It’s extra strength formula helps to remove product buildup. Contains Vitamin E to help strengthen hair and reduce breakage. I did find this shampoo is not quite as concentrated as others I’ve used, it dos have a really nice fresh masculine scent! At £3.99 for 250ml, it’s reasonable value for money.

Fish SuperFish fierce fish de-gunk shampoo

Fish paste putty

Fish paste gives a matt finish with strong hold, ideal for shorter, choppy styles. The product is quite hard in consistency, so application means it needs some warming up first!

Fish SuperFish fish paste putty

Remove a pea sized amount of the paste, warm between fingers and apply evenly through hair and style. Fish paste does give a good level of hold, that will last all day. It gives a natural/matt finish, which is ideal for shorter hair styles.

Fish SuperFish fish paste putty

Stiff fish cream

Stiff fish hair cream offers durable hold without drying hard like you get with gels. This is a product ideal for shorter to mid length hair styles. Personally, I found after using this product, it provided a slightly shiny finish, almost similar to pomade.

Fish SuperFish stiff fish cream

Its a really easy product to apply and style, just work a pea sized amount of the product between fingers then apply evenly through dry or blow dried hair (what I prefer) and style. The stiff fish cream does provide a good level of hold, but if ultra hold is want you want, combine with Fish sticks hair spray. It’s quite a snip at £4.99 for 100ml pot.

Fish Super Fish Stiff fish cream

Fish sticks hair spray

Fish sticks hair spray will really help you keep your style in place, especially when used with other Super fish products. Although it does give a strong hold, it does allow you to re-style if needed.

Fish SuperFish Fishsticks fixing hairspray

The Fish Super fish range of hair products are ideal if you’re looking for a tough performing hair product with strong hold, even when up against the changeable British weather. What’s more, they’re very reasonably priced, £3.99-£4.99. Check out Fish for more information or to make a purchase.

Have you tried any of the Fish range? Let me know in the comments below.


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