Products I borrow from the shower

I’m sure us guys have all been there, happily showering away and had the urge to try some of the products in the shower organiser… I mean us men need to look our best too right? And who’s going to find out… I’m going to let you into a little secret about some of the products I may have been borrowing lately!

T-Zone facial scrub

I don’t always keep my face scrubs in the shower, so having this in the shower is quite handy. It’s a good daily use facial scrub to help remove dead skin cells, clear pores and remove blackheads. It contains tea tree which is just the thing to help you feel refreshed on a morning.

John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo/conditioner*

Any product that helps to make your look look fuller, thicker and healthier is a winner right? The shampoo works well at removing daily grease, grime and remaining hair product. The conditioner helps to strengthen and protect hair and leave it feeling soft and smooth. The in-shower treatment is designed to increase the texture and thickness of strands. Now who wouldn’t want their hair to appear thicker and healthier?

Lush snow fairy

Lush’s festive special candyfloss scented shower gel, as close to a sweet shop in a shower gel as you could get! Smells good enough to eat, if only you could! It’s not bad at cleansing and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling sweet and fresh, but I’m not so keen on that shimmer effect!

Nivea in-shower body moisturiser 

This is a nice alternative to usual body lotions, although I’m not sure it will be replacing my usual body lotion! It does help to make your skin feel soft and silky straight after cleansing.

Are there any products you borrow from the shower? Let me know using the comments box below.


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