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You might have seen my recent post, where I mentioned I was looking forward to another skiing trip in 2017. I’m relatively new to skiing, this being my third trip, I feel like I’ve progressed well and hoping to take on more tricky red and black runs this year! I honestly can’t wait to get my skis on again! As we’re now well into the ski season, I thought I’d put together a Skiing trip essentials list for anyone going skiing or thinking about booking.


If your going for the first time, I’d recommend hiring ski equipment unless you know you’re going to be skiing on a regular basis. Hire of ski equipment, Ski’s, Ski boots and poles will vary from country and  resort. But expect to pay around 50 euros for a basic package suitable for beginners for 6 days hire. Ski helmets aren’t usually included in packages, but for me, are an absolute must! They are around 10 euros for 6 days.


There are some items of clothing you will have to buy; ski socks (pair for everyday) and 2 or 3 thermal base layers (top & bottoms) gloves and  2 fleece tops You can hire ski trousers and jackets, but I’d say your better off buying your own. Even if you don’t go skiing again, the jacket would be great for winter. You can pick both up (if you shop at the right time) for around £100. Remember to wear your ski jacket on the plan to save room in your suitcase. Snow boots are a good idea for getting around the resort as the paths can get quite snowy and icy, you just need to find room for them in your suitcase!


Sunglasses or ski goggles are an absolute must! Snow is highly reflective of the sun’s UV rays and can cause sun blindness. To keep you cosy and warm when your out on the slopes, a snood or neck warmer is a worthy investment. A comfortable rucksack is a good idea to carry any items you cant fit in your pockets such as drinks, snacks, spare clothing etc.

Other clothes

Don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes to wear when your not skiing and outfits suitable to wear for your evening meal. Hat, gloves and scarf are important for when your walking from bar to bar and the walk home at the end of the night!

Skin care products

Make sure you pack a good quality SPF hydrating, face cream. Even though its winter the sun’s rays can be very intense on the slopes and still cause sun burn. Don’t forget an SPF lip balm, they can suffer sun burn too! It also helps to keep them hydrated as the cold and windy weather can cause your skin to dry out.

Important stuff
Your passport, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), travel insurance (including winter sports cover) and not forgetting your hotel and transfer details! A small first aid kit would also be good to have with you.

Other items

Muscle rub or Ibuprofen gel is really good for soothing tired and aching muscles, plasters are handy in case you get blisters! Your camera and camera case so you can take those all important photos when your on the slopes. And finally, don’t forget your phone charger and adapter plug (easily overlooked)!

Producing this list has really got me in the mod for skiing…  Is it too early to start packing? My trip is only 3 weeks away!

Are you going on a ski holiday? Have you got any tips? Let me know by commenting below.


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  1. Anthea Holloway
    11th February 2017 / 2:22 pm

    These are very useful tips for packing for skiing. I have done some skiing in Colorado and Minnesota but never in Europe.

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