FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

It’s that time of year when the gym’s are so busy with everyone trying to lose those extra pounds they’ve gained after over-indulging at Christmas… Do you fall into that bracket? If so, this post might be of interest! You might of seen my recent post, protein muffins, which I described as an ideal post gym snack. Here I review a product which might be just what you need to help you recover quicker and reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

There’s a new product on the market to help revitalise fatigued muscles after exercise, that’s been developed by FIT Skincare. If you don’t know about FIT then why not? They offer a range of high end, natural grooming products specifically made for men, like the Ultra moisturising serum, that I recently reviewed.

The FIT products are a result of combining advanced formulation technologies and active ingredients. All the products in the range are serums and ultra serums and have molecules smaller than a creme. This means they absorb quickly and more deeply into the skin and therefore allowing them to get to work faster.

Massage Miracle has been specifically developed to reduce muscle pain and inflammation caused by the stresses of regular sport and exercise.

FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

The active ingredients include:
Ginger extract – reduces muscle pain and inflammation
Menthyl lactate – Cooling effect for instant pain relief
Witch Hazel – Accelerates the healing process
OXY FIT 10 – Fuels skin cell regeneration

As with all FIT skincare products, it contains a unique oxygen delivery system, OXY-FIT-10, which is supposed to increase your skin’s ability to repair and regenerate itself.

FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

The massage miracle can be used before workout, which is intended to improve performance wh.  It can also be used anytime after workout to relieve aches and pains and speed up recovery times. All you do is massage the lotion into the problematic areas.

I found after using the product it certainly delivered a cooling affect on contact with skin, which does help to relieve muscle aches and pains. I suffer most after doing legs day at the gym… squats and lunges are brutal! The massage miracle did help to ease the aches and pains and seemed to improve recovery time.

FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

It comes in a pump action bottle for easy usage. The generous 100ml size should last a good while, depending on how often you go to the gym/suffer with aches and pains.  As with the moisturising ultra serum, it has a nice fresh, citrusy fragrance. I also like the fact the FIT range of products are manufactured in the UK.

FIT Skincare Massage Miracle Review

The RRP for the FIT massage miracle is £25, considering it comes in a 100ml bottle, so should be long lasting, I think it’s fairly reasonably priced. This product is definitely coming on my skiing trip with me, anyone who’s been skiing will know how much your legs suffer! You can check out Fit Skincare for more information. Products can be purchased from different outlets including Asos, Mankind and Lookfantastic.

Have you tried the FIT massage miracle or any of the other products in the range? What did you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

*This product was gifted to me for my honest review. All views and opinions are my own.


  1. 22nd January 2017 / 1:51 pm

    Good timing for the muscle aches I’m feeling now! I’m used to tiger balm, epsom salt, ice (lol),or a tea tree oil mixture. But I’ll definitely have to check this product out.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Stephanie keill
    24th July 2017 / 7:15 pm

    Sounds very fantastic, I haven’t heard of these products before but would love my partner to try

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