British Barbers Association Products Review

It’s always exciting to hear about the launch of new men’s grooming products, especially when those products are from a leading organisation in their respective industry. I was really eager to find out more when Mankind got in touch about a new range of products by the British Barbers Association.

British Barbers Association Products Review

Who are British Barbers?

The British Barbers Association pride themselves as being the leading association for the barbering industry in the UK, quite a statement to make? But if anyone is to claim to know about the best grooming products around it’d be one at the forefront of their industry? They’ve developed a range of 12 products after consultation with BBA members and lots of consumer research. Their new range of products will help them to continue to offer free membership to all barbers in addition to developing workshops and events. I really like how they provide support for the industry.

What kinds of products do they offer?

As the name might suggest, they do a complete range of hair care products including shampoos and conditioners to finishing products such as the two hair styling products I’ve been trialling; texturising clay and moulding cream. They also offer some skincare products within their range.

Texturising clay

Clays are one of my preferred hair styling products, they create a matt finish with medium hold. The texture of this clay is quite soft in comparison to other similar products I’ve used, making it really pliable and easy to style with. To use, apply a small amount to your finger tips, work evenly and lightly work through your hair into your desired style. I found the clay has a good hold factor, keeping my style firmly in place. It also washes out easily with a good quality shampoo.

British Barbers Association Products Review

British Barbers Association Products Review

Moulding cream

I found this is a product that gives a matt finish with light to medium hold. Its quite flexible and can be re-worked if your style needs it. This cream also provides treatment and conditioning for your hair. To use, simply apply a small amount into your fingers, work evenly and apply and work through dry or damp hair. The hold factor is really good, keeping your style in place all day, but still allows some flexibility if you get caught out in the elements!

British Barbers Association Products Review

British Barbers Association Products Review

I have to say, these really are top quality hair products, they smell rather good too! The time invested by British Barbers has definitely been worth it. Both these products are at the top end compared to other similar ranges available.  I’d say either of these products are ideal for styling short to medium styles. Both these products are available to purchase from Mankind, priced £15 each.

Have you tried any of the British Barbers Association range? Let me know by commenting below.


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  1. Mark Whittaker
    11th February 2017 / 6:26 pm

    Thanks for the review , you have made me want to try products that I would otherwise would not have . The name sounds overly urilitarian ( the power of marketing huh ? )

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