A Day at Betty’s Cookery School

You might of guessed by now from my recent posts that I’m a self confessed foodie. But sometimes I lack a bit of enthusiasm to cook meals as I’m usually busy with my blog so often turn to convenience foods and snacks! Like most people in January, I’m trying to eat a bit healthier. So when Betty’s got in touch about attending a healthy and Delicious course at their Cookery School, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to brush up on my culinary skills!

Betty's cookery school

Betty’s cookery school is located at their Harrogate site, also home to the production of all the magnificent Betty’s cakes (if only we could of had a peek)! It’s located at the front of their site and had lots of parking available. On arrival, I was given a locker to put my belongings in and a Betty’s apron to wear… helpful for us messy cooks!

Betty's cookery school

The setup at the cookery school was impressive, the kitchen work spaces were stuff of dreams to any foodie enthusiast, granite worktops, range cookers and some top quality chef knives! Serious kitchen envy.

Betty's cookery school

The morning started with Betty’s coffee and croissants which gave us time to get to know some of the other great bloggers and vloggers also on the course and check out what we’d be cooking. Up on the menu was pan fried aromatic beef fillet with cucumber ribbons, sweet pickled radish and chilli and mint vermecilli. Spiced mackerel with a baby spinach, beetroot and citrus salad and wholemeal seeded pitta breads. For dessert, honey and vanilla baked fig filo tart with greek yoghurt and burnt orange. The fillet of beef dish definitely caught my eye!

Betty's cookery school

It was then over to watch the first demonstration of the day by course tutors, Chris and Will.  First up was the pitta bread dough, which Will showed us how to make. Each step was discussed and demonstrated at a nice pace, giving me the perfect time to take in all the instructions to follow.  The recipe even included fresh yeast instead of dried powdered form, but I’m not too sure where I would pick this up in my local Tesco! That said, throughout the day I was pleased to find all the recipes would be easy to replicate at home

Betty's cookery school

Betty's cookery school

They did make filleting the mackerel look so easy, I did wonder whether I’d be able to replicate their filleting skills!  I needn’t of worried as I thought it was quite easy. I can’t wait to take on something bigger and better next time… maybe a Salmon?!

Next up, it was our turn to put into practice the recipe we’d been shown. The pitta bread recipe was really easy to follow, I definitely didn’t knead to go to the gym after that 8 minute workout!

Back at the demonstration area, we were shown how to prepare the marinade and salad for the beef dish. As simple as it is, I’ve never peeled a cucumber before, who’d of thought such as simple thing could make a big difference to the taste?!

Bettys Cookey School review

Then it was over to us again, to make the marinade and salad to go with the beef fillet.

I was quite pleased how my pitta breads turned out, after all it was only my first attempt at making them!

After we’d finished baking our pitta breads and cleared up it was time to sit down for lunch. On the menu was quiche, roast potatoes with a carrot salad followed by orange cheese cake for dessert. I don’t usually like quiche, but let me tell you it was delicious!

After lunch we had a quick demonstration how to make the fig filo tarts. Again the steps were easy to follow and not too complicated. I liked how the different steps would bring different textures and tastes to the dish like the burnt orange peel.

To finish the course, Chris and Will demonstrated how to cook the dishes and bring everything together. They made it look quite manageable, even I wasn’t so daunted by the prospect!

All the dishes looked amazing and tasted even better. I was certainly impressed by what could be created from the simplest of ingredients.

Overall the day was fantastic, I would recommend the course for all abilities and these courses would also make excellent gifts! For more information or to make a booking check out Betty’s Cookery school. We were all given the ingredients to take home to complete the cooking process of the dishes. You can check out how my home cooked version turned out on my Instagram page.

Have you been to Betty’s Cookery School? What did you think? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.



  1. 19th January 2017 / 11:19 am

    Looks like an awesome day! I’ve been fond of Bettys since my sister moved to Yorkshire and have yet to find one thing I did not like from them.

    • Tom
      19th January 2017 / 2:55 pm

      It was a lovely day, I might have to return to learn how to make some of the Betty’s legendary cakes like the amazing vanilla slices they do!

  2. pete c
    27th January 2017 / 2:21 pm

    looks a really enjoyable experience

  3. Sparklett21
    12th February 2017 / 11:24 pm

    I’ve always wondered what one of these days would entail & that sounds like a great day of cooking & eating!!

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