Alpha Grooming Products Review

When it comes to men’s grooming products what is it that draws you to it? Is it the name, the design and branding, reviews or word of mouth? In a very competitive men’s grooming market, products need to stand out amongst others, by name and by brand. Here I give you the lowdown on company who are attempting to stand out from the crowd.

Alpha Grooming products

Who are Alpha Grooming?

I’ve got a lot of time for small and passionate businesses, Alpha Grooming are just that, they’re a small family run business based in the Midlands offering quality grooming products for the modern gent. The design of their products is minimalistic, but eye catching. The bold white and black colour scheme

What’s in their range?

They stock a modest range of  shaving, beard and facial care products tailored to suit the needs of the modern man. What’s more, all their products are hand made!

What about the fragrance?

The beard gift set is available in 3 different fragrances; Sandalwood, a warm and rich woody aroma. Citrus & neroli, a floral scent with a refreshing citrus twist. Sweet tobacco, an addictive sweet and smokey fragrance. The beard wash is peppermint and black pepper

I received one of their beard gift boxes which contains 1x beard wash, 1x beard balm & 1x beard oil. I also received a clay facial cleanser and hair pomade.

Clay facial cleanser

Men’s cleansing products seem to be on the rise at the moment, such as the recent facial tonic I tried.  I for one, I’m a big fan, they work so well at removing the build up of everyday dirt and grime. The Alpha clay facial cleanser is enriched with kaolin which is intended to help remove and draw out impurities. Think of it as a quick cleansing mask. To use, apply a few pumps of the cleanser and gently massage into your facial area and wash with a damp warm cloth and then rinse with cold water to close your pores. Its formula provides deep cleansing and light exfoliation and left my skin feeling cleaned and refreshed.

Alpha Grooming Products

Beard wash (100ml)

The gentle formula of the beard wash cleanses facial hair and the skin beneath, leaving both skin and facial hair clean soft and smelling fresh and manly. To use apply 2-3 pumps of the wash to your wet beard and lather up and rinse. I found it didn’t lather up quite as well as some other beard washes, but, its mint and pepper fragrance is refreshing and ideal for giving you an early morning boost!

Alpha Grooming Products

Beard balm (60ml)

This beard balm comes in solid form and is made with shea butter and natural oils which nourish, condition and moisturise facial hair and the skin beneath. The sweet tobacco fragrance is quite unusual and a bit different to the usual woody fragrances you often see with beard care products. However, this fragrance does seem to work well with beard care products. It is quite strong and concentrated, so onl use a small amount. The consistency of the balm is quite soft, making it easier to use and apply, but still takes a bit of warming up in your finger tips. Other solid balms I’ve used have been more solid in consistency and a bit harder to work with. The balm did help to soften facial hair

Alpha Grooming Products

Beard oil (30ml)

The beard oil is handmade using a blend of 7 (yes 7)! specially selected oils. Which include; sweet almond oil, kernel, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil to name a few! It has the same sweet tobacco fragrance as the beard balm and comes with a handy pipette for easy dispensing. Dispense a few tips onto your finger tips and rub well into your beard, it helps to nourish and condition facial hair and the skin beneath. This large 30ml bottle would last me a very long time!

Alpha Grooming Products

Hair pomade (100ml)

I like about hair pomades as they provide a firm and glossy hold which is perfect for shorter side parts and slicked quiffed comb over styles like mine. Don’t go overboard with the product though, you really only need a small pea sized amount! I’d say the hold factor is medium to firm and will keep a slicked back comb over in place all day. The pomade is water soluble which makes washing out relatively easy with a good shampoo.

Alpha Grooming Products

Alpha Grooming have an impressive range of products in their range and seem to have all your grooming needs covered! There not the cheapest of product in comparison to other similar brands, however, the generous sizes of the products help make the price tags a bit more justifiable. Check out Alpha Grooming for more information or to purchase any of their products.

Have you tried any of the Alpha Grooming products? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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