Harum Scarum Grooming Products Review

We’re firmly into the middle of Autumn now, which means the weather is only going to get more chilly. It’s not a coincidence that you see an increase in guys growing beards around this time! Beard care is important during this time of the year as colder temperatures/winds have a tendency to dry out beards. Harum Scarum got in touch to to see if I wanted to review their beard care products, what better time of year to test and review these products?

Harum Scarum grooming products review

Who are Harum Scarum?

Harum Scarum are an online supplier of beard and  traditional shaving products. They trade under a philosophy of ‘Shrewd luxury’, offering highest quality products at affordable prices. The branding of the products incorporates classic babershop styled labelling. What’s even better is all their products are made in my own county of Yorkshire!

What do they offer?
Whether you are a Bearded Gent or a Shaved Gent, they stock a wide range of beard care and traditional shaving products. Most products are priced at £8.95 with the exception of the gift sets, which are £49.95 and aftershave, £18.95. I received a selection of their grooming products which were:

  • Hair & beard shampoo
  • Hair & beard conditioner
  • Beard balm
  • Beard oil
  • Aftershave

What’s the fragrance like?

Each product has the same fragrance called ‘Millions’, not be be confused with another well known scent, it’s a woody/spicy fragrance. It was chosen by grooming enthuisiasts and is based on a classic barbershop scent with a modern twist. The top notes consist of bergamot and citrus lemon oil. Heart notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, basil and rose blossoms. The base notes consist of cedar wood, sandalwood and soft vanilla.

I’m a big fan of the scent, for me citrus and woody notes stand out the most. The fragrance just gives you a clean and fresh feeling.

How do the products perform?

I’ve been using each of the products for the past couple of weeks and put them through their paces. The first thing that struck me about the products is that there are no instructions/guidance for use. For me personally, this isn’t a problem, but for someone using these grooming products for the first time, they may be not so sure on correct use.

Hair & beard shampoo/Conditioner
This is the first dual purpose ‘hair & beard’ shampoo/conditioner I’ve come across. Both come in a 200ml bottle, with a press down lid for easier use. I found that I needed a generous amount of shampoo for my hair and obviously slightly less for my beard. The Shampoo lathers up quite well and gets through any grease or remaining styling product with relative ease.

Harum Scarum grooming products review

Conditioners are important for both your hair and beard to help its strength and give a smooth, shiny appearance. I found it did help to rehydrate and leave it looking smooth. For personally, I prefer a conditioner that also helps to helps to calm friz. Both good all round products.

Harum Scarum grooming products review

Beard Balm
You may of guessed from my previous posts, I’m a big fan of beard balm. Its my go to beard care product. It comes in a handy pump action tube (100ml). Beard balms act as leave-in conditioner and helps to moisturise the skin beneath and condition your beard. For me, beard balms are great as they help to reduce any itchiness you may get from your beard during the day. To use, apply a small amount (dependent upon your beard length) to your fingers and rub well throughout your beard. It leaves your beard feeling soft and conditioned and smelling really fresh.

Harum Scarum grooming products review

Beard oil
Beard oil is must have staple when it coms to beard care. The Harum Scrum beard oil comes in a generous 30ml bottle, which would last me a good number of months!  To use, simply apply a few drops to your finger tips and massage well into your beard. It helps to soften and tame your beard hair, making styling easier.

Harum Scarum grooming products review

What better product to complete your grooming routine than an aftershave? And with the same signature fragrance, it works in tandem with the other products, making you smell clean and fresh. I’d say its ideal for daytime office wear. Becuase of its lightness, a few top up sprays may be required throughout the day.

Harum Scarum grooming products review

These are great quality beard care products at reasonable and affordable prices. The range includes just about everything you’d need as part of your grooming range whether you’re a bearded or shaved gent. The beard or shaving gift sets would make great Christmas presents. For more information, you can check out their site here (their guaranteed to be friendly, they’re from Yorkshire!)

Have you tried a beard grooming set recently? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.



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