Gentlemen’s Order Subscription Box Review

There seems to be a whole host of different subscription boxes available to order at the moment; grooming products, fragrance, coffee, tea, alcohol, snacks and even socks and underwear, not forgetting the ever useful men’s shaving boxes. Gentlemen’s Order do just that! The idea of having everything delivered to your door in a convenient box could be quite appealing to people who maybe don’t get as much time to go shopping or just prefer the convenience.

Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review


Who are Gentleman’s Order?

They are an online company who specialise in men’s grooming subscription boxes. They offer a few options; The Shaved Gent Box & The Bearded Gent Box and even the Simple Shave Box (razor blades only)

You’ll know by now, I’m a proud member of the beard gang, however, still need to maintain and trim my beard line and keep it locking in the best shape possible so when I was asked which box I’d like to try, I thought I’d give the The Shaved Gent Box a try.

The Concept

The subscription box can be delivered to your door tailored to suit your needs, dependent upon how much you shave/how long your beard is. There are 3 options; 6 weeks (shave 4-7 times a week), 12 weeks (shave 2-3 times a week) & 24 weeks (1 shave a week). The options for the Bearded Gent Box are 4, 6 & 8 weeks dependent upon how well you can grow a beard!

What’s in the box?


The Shaved Gent comes in a smartly branded cardboard box and includes:

  • Pre Shave Face Scrub
  • Shave Gel Oil
  • Ultimate Shaving Cream
  • Aftershave Cooling Gel
  • Razor handle
  • x 6 Disposable Razor Heads

All shaving products are by the Shave Doctor and their formula is designed to give a smooth irritation free shave. The Blade heads are German engineered, so you’d expect only the best quality!


The Bearded Gent Box (not pictured) includes Beard Wash, Oil and a Comb.


Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review

Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review

Pre Shave Scrub

The pre-shave scrub provides a deep cleanse of your skin before shaving to reduce irritation and the chance of ingrowing hairs. It contains lemon tea tree oil to create a clean, reinvigorating aroma. For me the scrub is the perfect way  I really liked the fresh citrusy fragrance, the lemon tea tree really stands out!


Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review


Pre Shave Oil

Helps to moisturise and prepare your stubble and create another line of defense against razor burn and cuts. This is similar to shaving oil, which I’m a big fan of! It helps to lubricate and moisturise your skin. I found it helped the razor to glide over your skin with relative ease. For me, I’d say it can be used on its own for trimming your beard line, without the need for shave cream as its easier to see your beard line, as it provides adequate lubrication for shaving.


Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review


Shave Creme

Lubricates and moisturises your face and provides protection whilst shaving and is intended to leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I found that it didn’t really lather up that well. After all, it is a cream and not a foam or gel! On the occasions I used it, for me it helped the razor to glide over the screen in adiition to the Shave gel oil.


Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review




A product of German engineering. The metal core of the handle adds weight, which helps to create a smooth shave and supposedly less cuts. The rubber on the underside of the handle helps with grip. Your first Gentlemen’s order includes one free handle and 6 blade heads. Each blade head has a moisturising Aloe Vera strip which is supposed to reduce the risk of cuts and shave burn.

I found that the razor performed well on my stubble, it cut through the hairs with relative ease. I did experience some redness straight after shaving. After a few days, I did experience some areas of soreness and irritation to my neck area. However, I must say this often occurs when wet shaving my lower beard line, so is not out of the ordinary. I’d say its more due to skin sensitivity.

Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review

Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review

After Shave Cooling Gel

Contains ingredients to visibly reduce red and inflamed skin. The active, natural ingredients help cool and soothe skin post shave. I found the cooling gel helped to cool your skin and ease irritation straight after shaving, just what you’d want from a post shave product!


Gentleman's Order Subscription Box Review

The Shaved Gent box costs £26.99 per box, (frequency of boxes varied to suit you) although that might seem a tad expensive, I think you’ll agree you get a lot of quality products for your money.  If you’re looking to purchase fuss free, quality shaving products, delivered direct to your door tailored to suit your needs, these may be the products for you. Check out Gentlemen’s Order for more information.

Have you used Gentlemen’s Order or similar subscription box before? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Mike Large
    31st January 2017 / 4:57 pm

    Would highly recommend Cornerstone products, very similar concept.

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