Rockface For Men Products Review

How many men’s skin care ranges have you come across that you can honestly say have everything you require for your skin’s needs?  I received a great selection of men’s grooming goodies from Rockface. They offer a full range of shave, shower and skincare products. All the products in the range are Paraben free and none contain micro-beads.

I received Rockface’s full range of products (and what an impressive range it is to!) to test, trial and see just how they perform which were:

  • Face & body scrub
  • Energising face wash
  • Shave butter
  • Shave gel
  • Shower wash
  • Active body spray
  • 48 hour antipersperant deodrant
  • 48 hour antipersperant deodorant sensitive
  • All weather moisturiser
  • All weather moisturiser sensitive
  • Anti ageing moisturiser

The first thing that struck me about the products is the scent,  each one has the same vibrant, citrusy aroma, which I absolutely love! For me, its such a nice masculine, fresh smelling scent  This is  All products in the range are very reasonably priced, ranging from £2.99 to £5.99.

Rockface for men products review

Face & Body Scrub


The face and body scrub comes in a gel form, which is unusual for a scrub as most come in almost a paste like form. It creates a really nice lather, not often found with scrubs, which was a nice change. The scrub is made with crushed walnut shells and ground rice. The particles in the scrub are quite fine. They are intended to be fine enough to exfoliate your face but rough enough for the rest of our body. I found its a good exfoliating scrub and helps invigorates your skin. But for me personally, I prefer a coarser scrub, so you can really feel it working to remove those dead skin cells.

Energising Face Wash

This product does as exactly as it says! It helps to invigorate you on a morning. It includes green coffee which is supposed to stimulate and energise your skin. It also contains oligopeptides that come from chick peas which help to remove dead skin cells and also reduce the signs of fatigue. I found that the face wash lathers up well and works well to cleanse your face, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Rockface for men products review

Shower Wash


The shower wash comes in 200ml size, so expect it to last a while. The gel does lather up, but not quite as well as some other shower gels I’ve used. It has the same fresh woody fragrance as the other products. It certainly helps to wake you up in the morning and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. It’s a brilliant wash and can also be used on hair too.


Rockface for men products review

Shaving Butter


This is intended for use as a pre-shave product to lubricate your skin before shaving. Shaving butter is a new concept for me. As a member of the beard gang, I don’t that have that much to shave, apart from maintaining a clean beard line. Ordinarily, I would tend to use beard oil, however, shave butter is multi-action. It prepares, shaves and and hydrates in one go. It contains illipe and shea butter and also coconut and aloe, all of which have fantastic nourishing properties. I was really impressed with this product as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some shaving oils can, it lubricates ready for your shave and also helps to hydrate your skin. A great product, that I’d definitely use again.


Rockface for men products review

Shave Gel

The shave gel is quite thick in consistency even when moisturised in to your skin. Although I didn’t use it on my beard line, I did use it for shaving underneath my arms. It has cooling and moisturising properties, it didn’t cause me any skin irritation.

48 Hour Antiperspirant Deodorant 


Let’s be honest, it’s very rare you actually need a 48 hour deodorant or antiperspirant. However, for review purposes, I was keen to find out how this product performed. It has the same fresh, woody fragrances as the other products and did not appear to leave any white marks as you get get with some anti-antiperspirant. On a few occasions, for review purposes I tested to see how it performed after 24 hours. I found that it didn’t give 24 hour protection, but it did adequate daytime protection.


Rockface for men products review

Rockface for men products review


Deodorant Body Spray


Ordinarily I tend to stick with antiperspirant deodorants as I find they perform much better than deodorant body sprays. I find that body sprays are handy for ‘freshening up’ during the day and handy to keep in your man or gym bag. I found it to be pleasant, fresh smelling body spray.


All Weather Moisturiser

I’ve been alternating between this and the sensitive moisturiser, applying it on a morning on a daily basis. It hydrates your skin really well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. I contains shea butter, which I love and and think every moisturiser should include. It also includes guarana, which I’ve not come across before, which is supposed to energise your skin and also antioxidants to reduce UV impact.


Rockface for men products review


All Weather Moisturiser Sensitive


This moisturiser contains Tamzan Pepper, which is a natural ingredient which contains an anti inflammatory called polygodial. This apparently has the ability to soothe and clam irritated and itchy skin. Although I didn’t have any irritated skin to test this on, I did find it worked well after shaving my beard line.

Anti Ageing Moisturiser

I’ve been applying this on a night before bed, as with the other moisturisers in the range, its non greasy. It incorporates Fucogel which soothes and moisturises skin and contains 5 essential minerals. Its also made with something called radish root, which is a natural anti bacterial agent. I found I got great results with this moisturiser, leaving my skin looking healthy, clean and soft.

Rockface for men products review

This is a fantastic selection of very affordable skincare products which seem to cater for all your skin’s needs and skin types. It’d say its an ideal range for sporty, active men who are always on the ‘Go’. The Rockface product range is available to buy from the following stockists; Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado & Amazon. If you’d like more information, you can check out their site here. This is certainly a range I would purchase from in the future. I’d love to hear any comments you have about this range.

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