Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

You may have caught my recent fragrance review, where I suggested Jazz Club is an ideal autumnal scent for evenings. Here I bring you a review of another scent which may also be a hit for autumn? It’s always a privilege to test new grooming products and new fragrance is no exception. Gruhme is not a brand I had come across before, although I think I can be forgiven as they’ve only been around since 2013.

Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

Gruhme No. 14 is a slight variation to their original fragrance. It is the same blend of ingredients, the only difference is that a stronger 14% concentration is used to that of 10% in the original fragrance. The extra strength improves the longevity of the scent, and is intended for use as evening wear.

Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

On opening the ‘Gruhme’ gift box, my first impressions were that the branding of the scent is clever. Its bold, sleek and simple, which I think gives the fragrance a nice, classy feel. 

Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

I’ve not smelt the original fragrance before so can’t comment on whether it is stronger, but for me, Gruhme no. 14 has a very unique woody seductive scent. 

Top notes consist of juniper berry, black perppercorn, bergamont, lemon & lanvender

It has Heart notes of Patchouli and cedar

The base notes are oakwood, amber, musks interlaced with traces of cumin, celery seed and petitgrain

I think the stand out notes in the fragrance are oakwood and musks. I found that only a 2-3 sprays are required per application and that it is relatively long lasting.

Gruhme no. 14 Fragrance Review

Gruhme No. 14 is available in 100ml only (no other sizes available). Its RRP is £45, which I think is very good value for a bottle this size, as some leading brands can be nearly double the price for a 100ml bottle. If you like a fresh, woody, spiced scent, that is rather unique, then Gruhme No. 14 maybe perfect for you. Check out Gruhme for more information about their range of products or to make a purchase. Please leave me any comments you have about this fragrance below. 


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*This product was gifted to me for my honest review


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