ISHGA Organic Scottish Seaweed Mens Skincare products review

Have you ever heard of Seaweed Skincare products for men? Neither had I until a few weeks ago. I  was excited to receive a men’s skincare range from ISHGA to test,  trial and review.  They are producers of organic Scottish skincare products. This range of skincare products is very unique and different to other brands as they contain a number of organic oils and ingredients, one of them being seaweed extract, which is supposedly rich in vitamins and minerals.

ISHGA Men's skincare products

The products that I received in the men’s skincare set were:

  • Exfoliating face wash
  • Beard & shave oil
  • Marine cream

ISHGA (which is Gaelic for water) is a anti-ageing skincare range and spa range developed from the shores of the Hebrides. The products combine natural resources of the Hebrides with sustainably harvested seaweed. The range has been developed around 3 organic essential oils; Patchouli, Bergamot and Sandalwood. The blend of these oils is intended to form a woody, spicy masculine fragrance. Each product has many different active ingredients, all of which have different benefits. The overall look of the products oozes high class and sophistication. I particularly like how both the face wash and beard/shaving oil include a pump which make easy application of the products.

ISHGA Men's skincare products review

Exfoliating face wash 100ml

The face wash has a cocoa butter base and blended with essential oils and seaweed particles which are intended to remove dead skin cells. The face wash costs £25, which is the cheapest out of the 3 products. I think the price is perhaps what you would expect to pay for a top end, quality face wash. The fine seaweed grains are supposed to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Personally, I prefer a coarser, more abrasive face wash/scrub that you can really feel cleansing your pores.

ISHGA Men's skincare products

ISHGA Men's skincare products review

Beard and Shave Oil 50ml

Shaving oil is my go to product for shaving and maintaining my beard line. I’ve not come across a 2-in-1 oil for both shaving and beard finishing before, so this a first for me. The cost of the beard and shave oil is £45, although it appears quite expensive, this generously sized 50ml bottle will certainly last a few months, even those longer bearded. The guidance says to use 4 pumps of oil and rub in to your face before shaving. I found 1-2 pumps was ample for shaving my beard cheek line. The herby fresh fragrance really helps wake you and your skin up on a morning.

ISHGA Men's skincare products

ISHGA Men's skincare products

Marine Cream 50ml

The marine cream has a base of Shea butter, which I’m a big fan of, together with Aloe Vera and Cucumber intended to cool and sooth skin even sensitive after shaving. It is the most expensive product out of the range, priced at £55. The fragrance is not quite as strong as the face wash, but still has the same, fresh herby scent. The cream also includes Apricot kernel, Macadamia nut oil and seaweed extract, all intended to hydrate, firm and nourish.

ISHGA Men's skincare products

ISHGA Men's skincare products

I enjoyed trialing these products, if your looking for really natural and organic skincare range make sure you check out ISHGA. If you would like more information about their skincare range check out their page here.



  1. Andrew BeautyandTheBoy
    18th September 2016 / 3:14 pm

    Always support Scottish Skincare!! <3 these products sound pretty good i love the Marine Cream particularly

    • 26th September 2016 / 10:57 am

      They've got so many different organic ingredients in them, all with different benefits!

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