Mo Bro’s Premium XL Grooming Kit Review

I ordinarily stick to the winter months for growing my beard. I have favoured the winter months as it helps to keep your face that little bit warmer on those cold mornings! However, I thought I would break the usual habit and grow and develop one for the summer. I was therefore pleased to receive a beard grooming kit from the great people at Mo Bro’s They are an online supplier of premium beard and moustache grooming products.

They stock various products for all the needs of your beard and moustache and have an wide range of sets and tins that would make perfect gifts! The set that I received was the Premium XL Grooming Kit, in Vanilla & Mango flavour and includes:

  • Beard Soap
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Comb
  • Trimming Scissors
  • Moustache Wax

Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL
Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL

Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL

The products come presented in a beautiful metal gift tin, it’s a nice aesthetic touch and keeps all your beardy essential safe and in one place! It also means you don’t have to spend time trying to wrap up the items individually if they are for a gift! I have to say, I would be delighted if I opened a present like this on Christmas morning!

The beard scissors and comb are great items to be included within the set and are key for doing the all important prep work and for finishing at the end! The beard soap (as with the other products also is also vanilla and mango. I personally prefer beard shampoo over soap, however, I do like the sweet fragrance of it. The teeth on the comb are relatively thick, but they will go through any thickness of beard.

Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL
Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL
Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL

The beard balm is perfect for using as a leave-in conditioner. It helps to moisturise, condition and soften your beard and reduce the ‘bristliness’ that sometimes you experience with beards. The balm is quite firm, so takes a bit of manipulation to get on your finger and apply to your beard.

To finish the beard grooming treatment, a few drops of beard oil are rubbed in well. Beard oil is important as it helps to moisturise the skin beneath your beard which has a tendency to dry out. The vanilla and mango scent which I received in the set, is one of my favourite smelling beard oils. Its fresh and sweet and is modestly long lasting and is different to the traditional ‘woody’ fragrances that are available.

I’ve not used the moustache wax as it isn’t long enough to shape, so I’m unable to comment on the performance of it. However, the scent, as with the other products in the set is fresh and sweet. I will have to put a bit of work in on this front, so watch this space!

Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL
Mo Bro's Beard Grooming Kit XL

On the whole, I would say the XL Grooming Kit has all the essential items that are required for beard grooming and I would certainly recommend it to This would make the perfect gift for any beardy enthusiast and I’m sure they would be as pleased to open it and explore what’s inside as I was! It is definitely something I would Buy. Overall rating: 4/5

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